Khalid Is Showing Us How The ‘New Normal’ Is!

Khalid Is Showing Us How The ‘New Normal’ Is!

Khalid is back! We repeat: Khalid is back! One of the most stunning musicians of all time has come back with his first single: ‘New Normal,’ which has all of us chilling with the wonderful tune!

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‘New Normal’ is the first single off his upcoming album Everything Is Changing. And yes, you heard us right, upcoming album! We are getting a whole masterpiece that will break all the charts and take the crown that Khalid deserves.

Listen to ‘New Normal’ HERE!

The song ‘New Normal’ talks about the life we had during quarantine. Staying inside and having all these emotions gathered up of wanting to take a step further but not being able to, and the feeling of slowly reconnecting with the ones we lost connection with thanks to this lockdown.

The song is a chill melody that takes us into an emotional journey of memories during this pandemic, that we know will be unique and no other generation will luckily be part of in the future.

‘New Normal’ is truly a masterpiece that makes part of the big artwork that Khalid is preparing. Get ready cause Everything is Changing is around the corner!

Pre-save Everything Is Changing HERE!

What are your thoughts on the new release? What was your favorite part of the video? Tell us everything in the comments and don’t forget to reach us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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