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Lorde Is Taking Us To The Nail Salon For A ChitChat

Lorde Is Taking Us To The Nail Salon For A ChitChat

Our queen is back! After a long, long wait, our queen Lorde has gotten out of the shadows and brought us the summer we were waiting for! With a little bit of ‘Solar Power,’ and an upcoming album, we know Summer 2021 will be unforgettable! And now, we all want to rush and go to the nail salon with her new release! ‘Stoned At The Nail Salon’ is here!

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Mix Of Emotions!

The second track of the upcoming album, Solar Power, is taking us on the path of the end of summer. Where we all start feeling melancholic into the journey of growing up and seeing time pass by, with those memories and moments that we never want to let go of.

Listen to ‘Stoned At The Nail Salon’ here!

Also, we are using this song as our main character’s anthem! To say goodbye to every decision, wrong or right; to every laugh, and every tear of every day that we treasure. Not only we are loving how it makes us think and appreciate where we are and what we have, but we are in love with the soft and beautiful voice of Lorde singing ‘Stoned at The Nail Salon’ in a calming melody that we will never let go.

And this is just the second installment, of what will be Lorde´s 12 track album! We all know this album will be forever in our hearts and it’s not gonna leave. Get ready for August 20th, cause your year is going to become a ‘Big Star’ and make you have ‘Oceanic Feeling’ all the time you hear Solar Power.

Give Us A Manicure, We Have More Tea To Talk About!

Lorde has joined Zane Lowe to talk more about her latest release ‘Stoned At The Nailed Salon!’ Letting us know what this song means to her, is just too much for us! We are feeling the exact same thing, with every second of the tune, but in different fonts. Lorde explains: “[…] Thinking about me at 16, my parents getting older, all these big, heavy things confronting my mortality, I split off when I think about this song, but I’m proud of it […]”.

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Our queen Lorde also told us that she was insecure about how we haven’t seen her in a hot minute… how cute! We were just wondering if she was drinking enough water and sleeping well!

And that’s when the song was born out of, was that insecurity of feeling like ‘Oh, no one’s seen me in ages […]’

-Lorde, for The Zane Lowe Show on Apple Music 1

Check out the interview here!

Lorde Has Always Held The Power!

We love how Lorde has been growing since we saw her for the first time with the release of her album Pure Heroine, which was pure art! There’s no way to explain how proud we are of her, and we loved to hear that she is proud of the path she chose in the past:

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I heard Pure Heroine maybe last year, and I totally was really proud of baby me. I was like ‘This is awesome. Good on you.’

-Lorde At The Zane Lowe Show

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We all love Lorde, and we couldn’t be more grateful to see her happy and bringing us music that she and all of us are loving! What are your thoughts about ‘Stoned At The Nail Salon?’ Which track of the album are you most excited about? Tell us everything in the comments! Also, don´t forget to buzz with us for more, on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

We have the perfect recipe for a perfect playlist! For more, come with us!


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