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New Music Friday Is Back: Jeremy Zucker & More!

New Music Friday Is Back: Jeremy Zucker & More!

It’s that time again! New Music Friday is upon us, which means we have so much new music to gush over! This week is one of our best round-ups yet, with some of the most promising artists around! Let’s not waste any more time and get straight into talking about these tracks!

Alexander Jean – Coming Down

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Image Source: Parts and Labor records

Stream Coming Down here!

The entirety of Coming Down is an absolute smash. We’ve listened front-to-back quite a few times now and can confirm ‘Drunk’ takes the cake as our favorite track. We are adding ‘Drunk’ to every pre-game playlist and will be streaming indefinitely!

Miranda Joan – ‘Dans Ma Poche’

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Image Source: Alexandra Martin

Stream ‘Dans Ma Poche’ here!

Disco is back courtesy of Miranda Joan! ‘Dans Ma Poche’ is all about those things that you wish you could carry wherever you go, for Miranda Joan – that is family, friends, and pastries. You will never hear us complain about a track that is both an absolute banger and is in a language as beautiful as French.

DeathbyRomy – ‘Day I Die’

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Image Source: Ella Jade Flora

Stream ‘Day I Die’ here!

Guys, gals, and non-binary pals – allow us to introduce you to your newest favorite track! DeathbyRomy has been an artist we’ve loved ever since ‘Problems,’ and now we have another song by her to obsess over. If you’re into more punk-rock music, you’ll love ‘Day I Die.’

Vân Scott – Almost Gone

[apple_music_ad artist=”Van Scott” song=”Starry Eyed”]

Image Source: Adam Griffin

Stream Almost Gone here!

Almost Gone is the ultimate summer album. Let’s just put that out there right now. We’ve had the entire record on repeat and can already picture all of the moments that ‘Starry Eyed’ and ‘Lost In The City’ will act as the soundtrack to.

Joshua Speers – ‘Just Kids’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Joshua Speers” song=”Just Kids”]

Image Source: Warner Records

Stream ‘Just Kids’ here!

‘Just Kids’ checks all the boxes. You get a wave of nostalgia as well as all the summer vibes you want out of a track released in late July. The lyrics pack a punch but are put over this up-beat instrumental so you don’t have to get in your feelings, too much, at least. You can just dance and vibe.

Otto – ‘Amelia’

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Image Source: Bay Street Records

Stream ‘Amelia’ here!

Maybe we’re crying, don’t judge us! All we want is someone to be this in love with us, so in love, they’d write a tune straight out of a coming of age love story. Otto has such a soft, beautiful voice, and we can’t wait for more music in what we hope is the near future.

Sophie and the Giants – ‘ If I Don’t Break Your Heart, I’ll Break Mine’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Sophie and the Giants” song=”If I Don’t Break Your Heart, I’ll Break Mine”]

Image Source: Republic Records

Stream ‘If I Don’t Break Your Heart, I’ll Break Mine’ here!

‘If I Don’t Break Your Heart, I’ll Break Mine’ is the song you’ve been looking for! From the first second of the song until the last, you’re completely transfixed. This is the mark of excellent artists, which Sophie and the Giants certainly are. 

JP Cooper – ‘If The World Should Ever Stop’

[apple_music_ad artist=”JP Cooper” song=”If The World Should Ever Stop”]

Image Source: Republic Records

Stream ‘If The World Should Ever Stop’ here!

Think about your favorite coming-of-age movies, ‘If The World Should Ever Stop’ was made for those soundtracks. The track feels larger than life and automatically puts you in the best mood possible. JP Cooper is an artist to watch.

Wil Owen – ‘You’re A Mystery’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Wil Owen” song=”You’re A Mystery”]

Image Source: tin pot records

Stream ‘You’re A Mystery’ here!

‘You’re A Mystery’ is our taste of Wil’s debut EP! While listening, we can’t help but be amazed over how beautiful Wil’s voice is and how soft ‘You’re A Mystery’ is. We will be playing the track all through the fall and winter.

Bradley Kim – ‘That Summer’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Bradley Kim” song=”That Summer”]

Image Source: Elite Talent Agency

Stream ‘That Summer’ here!

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Looking for the perfect track to have on repeat all summer long? Look no further than ‘That Summer.’ Bradley Kim has nailed the feel-good vines perfectly. We’re going to pretend we’re somewhere tropical like in the cover art and blast ‘That Summer’ until further notice.

Walk Off The Earth – Meet You There

[apple_music_ad artist=”Walk Off The Earth” song=”Love You Right”]

The Orchard
Image Source: The Orchard

Stream Meet You There here!

Lukas Graham and a Gnash collaboration on one record? Sign us up! That’s exactly what you get with Walk Off the Earth’s newest record, Meet You There. With every song, you can tell more and more what incredible artists this group is – they’re the real deal. 

Jeremy Zucker – ‘HONEST’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Jeremy Zucker” song=”HONEST”]

Image Source: Republic Records

Stream ‘HONEST’ here!

If Jeremy Zucker puts out a new song, we are going to talk about it. There’s no way around it. ‘HONEST’ is one of, if not our favorite track of his currently. ‘HONEST’ puts it into perspective for any doubters what an elite class of artists Jeremy is in. Jeremy Zucker is always the best addition to any New Music Friday. 

Thomas Day – ‘Softly’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Thomas Day” song=”Softly”]

Image Source: Sony Music

Stream ‘Softly’ here!

TikTok seems to be the future of introducing artists to fans! That’s exactly what’s happened here with Thomas Day! He blew up on TikTok, and now Thomas Day is making incredible music for us to enjoy! ‘Softly’ is the perfect introduction for anyone who hasn’t heard of Thomas yet! His name will be one you’ll be hearing for a long time! 

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off of our New Music Friday round-up? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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