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On The Rise: The Bees Knees At Your Service

On The Rise: The Bees Knees At Your Service

It’s already this time of the week! The days fly so fast, but we still have plenty of great new music on the rise for your hearing pleasure. We love the diversity from piano ballads to groovy sounds and rock adventures. What’s your pick? Scroll down to know more about our artists and bands on the rise this week!

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Mallory Merk – ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl?’

Mallory Merk is a beast on stage. She puts all her soul into her work, and she proved it many times. The singer smashed it again with her rendition of ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ by Jet. Who in this crowd can’t wait for the upcoming singer’s EP? Recently, we had a cool glimpse of it when she released ‘Evol.’ Now, Mallory Merk jive with her guitar on this classic indie reprise. With her vintage outfit, she knows how to catch our attention.

Image Source: Elinor Kry

This new version is full of glamorous guitar riffs that we are addicted to. What can we say about the solo she made into the second minute and a half? It’s even better than the original. She seduces us with her rocking energy. In the likes of Stevie Nicks or Joan Jett, she’s that evil woman that creates good spells. We are in love with the gritty melodies. Get the track on any platform here.

The Lathums – ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be (Acapella)’

The serenade continues for the Wigan-based bunch. The Lathums reminds us how life can be sweet and pleasing with ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be (acapella version).’ “Just how beautiful life can be/When one allows her to breathe/Let the children have their chance to see/Just how beautiful life can be,” sings Alex Moore in the poignant chorus. There is still hope in this world. We should spread positive thoughts. Why did this on the rise group work on an acapella version? After a few gigs performing The Housemartins classic ‘Caravan Of Love,’ the band went to the mythic Parr Studio in Liverpool. They decided to record their track the magic way. Helped by producer Chris Taylor and The Coral’s Paul Duffy, their new venture brought sunshine and some refreshing breeze.

Image Source: courtesy of Perspective Media

Through the simple choir harmonies, we don’t need instruments to feel emotions. The video kicks off with the lead singer walking in and dancing with people in their hometown market. Later, his bandmates joined him. Feel the joy! Stream the track here! If you are a lucky UK resident, catch The Lathums on tour. For more details, head over to their wonderful website.

Lauran Hibberd-‘Bleugh’

It’s time for you to be a rebel and rock your socks off! Lauran Hibberd gears up for her new EP release on July 30th. We are so excited! She gave us the track and the video ‘Bleugh’ to calm us down (sort of!). Her guitar clashes in cacophony with her picky rhymes. We love it! Guess what? We found the female version of Weezer.

Image Source: Rebecca Need-Menear

The song is such a boost of energy. Lauran Hibberd’s new track turns in our heads like a hamster wheel in our minds. Our lives go in circles with people around us, but we can’t get out of it. The chaotic drums contrast with her blissful vocals. We are so hooked to these grunge and slacker-pop vibes. Our on-the-rise singer storms in a UK tour soon. If you dig the sounds, we hope you’ll catch her in concert. You can also preorder the Goober EP as well over here. You don’t want to miss it!

Tyler Shaw- ‘Sex On The Beach’

Are you in the mood for funky summer grooves? Tyler Shaw knows how to entertain as one of our Canadians to stan with his bops. From drags to make-up artists and on the rise newcomers in the music industry as Olivia Lunny, the official video for ‘Sex On The Beach’ has the perfect recipe for success. Let’s enjoy the pastel colors and the soulful choreography wherever we are. The joy explodes at the beginning of a relationship, and we feel it deep! “The night I met somebody/The kind you don’t let go/And not just anybody I wanted to take you home,” Tyler Shaw croons in a bright falsetto. Shake your musical mojito and be ready for a sublime cocktail of rhythms. Stream the track here if you want to get the party started in a lovely way.

Sam Austins – ‘Your Power’

Does this song sound familiar to you? If you are a Billie Eilish fan, yes, it does! On the rise, singer-songwriter Sam Austin gifted us this excellent cover while waiting for his debut album HOMELESS STAR, due for release in September. The Detroit, Michigan, artist fly high! He scored a couple of tracks in HBO’s Euphoria series, VH1’s Love And Hip-Hop, plus he has writing credits on ‘Wolves’ by Big Sean and Post Malone. On ‘Your Power,’ the singer creates an embracing atmosphere that shows that we don’t need all that bling to shine. We just need a simple guitar, a soft voice, and the game is on. In between acoustic and soul, it soundtracks our peaceful nights. Watch the visuals below, and don’t forget to check out the projects that are cooking by Sam Austins here.

BushrodTV Dinner Mixtape

What do you want for dinner? Hip-hop, soul-jazz, or anything R’n’B? You’re served with our next artist on the rise, Bushrod. The UK rapper sets on a plate some sunshine bars and swaggy beats. Hip-hop fulfills our summer with brilliant new releases. We love how refreshing and nostalgic this new EP by Bushrod comes to entertain us, like the good old Mike Skinner of The Streets or Australia’s SAFETY CLUB.

Image Source: Courtesy of Lucid Publicity

He squeezes the rhymes so flawlessly. We can’t get enough of the natural flows the songs bring. The UK rap culture is on the rise and blends so many inspirations. Numerous talents emerge from this. Bushrod is without a doubt one of these rising artists that craft their songs with emotions and moving backgrounds. Cook your best tune and get the TV Dinner EP over here.

Elliot Lee – Queen Of Nothing EP

Do we dream that one day we’ll become a queen or a king? Maybe! Though don’t be too delusional. In all the steps we go through, we can fall deep. That’s the topic on our radar artist Elliot Lee wanted to show us. Her dark pop stings our hearts harshly with the pop venom. In the likes of YONAKA or GIRLI, the synth monster beats shines with her falsetto vocals. The electronic rock vibes stick like glue into our heads.

Image Source: courtesy of Photo Finish Records

We can’t stop singing along. She can go from hardcore and loud drums anthems to groovy, smooth dubstep skits. She’s no ‘Drama Queen.’ She only knows what she wants! Elliot Lee slays on the rapping parts while playing with our souls. Like an evil witch, she pitches her sultry and dreamy notes to enchant us. Do you fancy a wild and eclectic musical ride? Go and stream your heart out on your favorite platform here.

The Birthdays – ‘Bunny’

Is it our birthday already? We wish. Although, we can celebrate with the new single ‘Bunny.’ Formed by Ben Grey or Dear Boy and Jackson Phillips from Daywave, it’s time to sleep deep and dream with The Birthdays. It all started with voice memos last year until the song was birthed recently from Jackson studio. Fans of Grouplove, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, and retro melodies created by The Cure will fall for it.

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Image Source: Paisley Grey

I’m in love again /It’s with you again/And no one knows/But I suppose I’ll tell someone,” they sing in beautiful tones. Love hurts, but we want to find it back. It’s hard to let go of long-lost loves. Tell your feelings to your cute little ‘Bunny’ when you can. The guitars and synths melt together in one solid piece of shoegaze. Suppose you fancy what you hear below? Head over to Bandcamp to buy the track here. Stream through this link.

The Picturebooks feat. Chris Robertson – ‘Catch Me If You Can’

Do you feel like you want to live the rock’n’roll way? Maybe this song by The Picturebooks will suit you well then! The German duet on the rise swept all the dirty blues way on their latest single, ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ The White Stripes-infused bass lines mix perfectly with the dark souls’ hooks. It’s so delectable. The raw voice of Chris Robertson, from Black Stone Cherry, adds great vibes to it. The sounds elevate to new highs, with the distorted guitars and the bohemian melodies.

Image Source: courtesy of Century Media

Take a wild ride through heavy, but melodic emotions in this video filmed between Guetersloh, Germany, and Kentucky. This song is another stunning piece from The Picture Books. We can’t wait for the release of the full-length record. It features Lzzy Hale from Halestorm, Refused, and this solid gold track with Black Stone Cherry’s frontman. Catch the vibes with The Major Minor Collective, which arrives on September 3rd! Preorder your shiny copy here!

What is your pick of the week within these wonderful tracks? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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