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Leon Bridges Never Fails To Blow Us Away

Leon Bridges Never Fails To Blow Us Away

When you think of an artist that continually reinvents themselves, who do you know think of? For us, it’s Leon Bridges. When you listen to his newest record, Gold-Diggers Sound, you’ll understand what a once-in-a-generation artist Leon Bridges is. It’s been crystal clear to us ever since his debut album Coming Home that he is the real deal.

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July 23rd, GoldDiggers Sound was released, and we haven’t been able to turn it off! We can’t wait to break down this record with all of you!

Stream Gold-Diggers Sound here!

‘Born Again’ feat. Robert Glasper

We expected different, but ‘Born Again’ was the perfect choice for the album opener. Out of eleven tracks on the record, ‘Born Again’ is one of three collaborations. Adding Robert Glasper to the track was such a genius move. He’s able to arrange music in a way that makes them the most pleasing to the ear. We also have to point out that the song ends with the line, “but it feels good comin home,” throwing it back to that debut record.


Easily, ‘Motorbike’ will be the song you hear us playing all summer long. The track has such a carefree feel to it. We can’t help but picture long rides down Highway 101 on the back of a ‘Motorbike’ feeling like we’re on top of the world. This scenario is now being added to our to-do list for the rest of the summer.


‘Steam’ is a bedroom song. Point-blank period. As far as the rest of the tracks on the album go, ‘Steam’ is the one that perfectly fits into a playlist you’d make for intimate occasions. Plus, Leon Bridges has one of the smoothest voices of all time. It all fits.

‘Why Don’t You Touch Me’

‘Why Don’t You Touch Me’ paints the painful picture of that moment when you realize things are going downhill. When you can so clearly see the small signs that are pointing to an end to a relationship you’re trying to salvage. We genuinely think we felt our hearts break with the line, “Maybe I’m not new enough to stay in love and so it’s ending.”


After our first listen, ‘Magnolias’ was an early favorite. All we want is night drives through the city with the wind in our hair, and this song played at the loudest possible volume. It’s impossible not to vibe to ‘Magnolias.’

‘Gold-Diggers (Junior’s Fanfare) ‘

Here we just have an instrumental, so there’s not too much to say other than it’s utterly amazing. It’s beautiful and lasts about forty-three seconds.


Another early favorite of ours was ‘Details.’ After listening through four times now, we can confirm that hasn’t changed, ‘Details’ is definitely our favorite track on this record. We can already tell it will show up in our Spotify wrapped. At its core, ‘Details’ is the most beautiful love song sung by a man with a voice like butter.

‘Sho Nuff’

‘Sho Nuff’ gives ‘Steam’ a run for its money on being the best bedroom song on the record. We can definitely see this track being used in the same setting. All the vibes are right on. We love the background vocals on this track; they are so light and beautiful.

‘Sweeter’ feat. Terrace Martin

Now we get into the second collaboration on Gold-Diggers Sound. This track, to us, feels like a commentary on the racial injustice that is going on, specifically in the USA. “Can’t feel peace with those judging eyes,” says it all. There is no place for racism in this country. To be the land of the free must mean free for ALL, not free for some. If you only listen to one track off of Gold-Diggers Sound, let it be this one.

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‘Don’t Worry’ feat. Ink

First off, we just have to say, Ink killed that bridge! The back and forth in this track of moving on but still missing the person and not being able to be truthful about all that painted such a detailed picture. It’s always a tricky situation trying to get over someone who’s already moved on. Leon Bridges puts it to words in ‘Don’t Worry’ much better than we could.

‘Blue Mesas’

We’ve arrived at the closing track! ‘Blue Mesas’ was the perfect way to end Gold-Diggers Sound. Vocally, we think Leon Bridges is the strongest on this track. We will be revisiting the album as a whole many times.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song on Gold-Diggers Sound by Leon Bridges? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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