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8 Songs By Tom Odell That Your Playlist Needs!

8 Songs By Tom Odell That Your Playlist Needs!

It has been almost nine years since the talented Tom Odell walked into our lives with his debut ep Songs from Another Love. Since then, he continues to grow bigger as a songwriter and musician with every album. He always gives us more than we expect and we just can’t help but adore his talent. 

With the release of his new album Monsters and the announcement of The Monster Tour, at THP, we think it’s a perfect time to give you a taste of Tom Odell’s incredible music and life-changing lyricism. Tom Odell is definitely more than ‘Another Love’ and this list is proof.

Tom Odell by Netti Hurley
Image Source: Netti Hurley

‘Long Way Down’

Starting with the essentials, ‘Long Way Down’ is the title track from Tom’s debut album. The song starts with a calm piano, followed by his beautiful song that gives us serenity and sadness at the same time. The song contains a lot of symbolism hidden in the lyrics and it is something Tom Odell loves to do while writing. With every listen, the song will gain another meaning for you.

‘I Know’

‘I Know’ is the fifth single from Long Way Down. It is a song that describes loving somebody so much even when you know that person doesn’t feel the same about you, and it is a toxic relationship anyway but you can’t help it. At THP, we should admit that our favorite lyric from the song is: “Oh won’t you bring me all the things I need / Like falling rain to a rolling sea.” This lyric has such a beautiful meaning because when you think about it, the sea actually doesn’t need water. However, in the song, the narrator makes themselves believe that they need the other person so much, even if it is only an illusion their heart builds. 


Moving to Tom Odell’s sophomore album Wrong Crowd, ‘Magnetized’ is the second single from the album and it is a must for your playlist. The lyrics portray the envy somebody feels while they are trying to find true love. When they think they finally found it, they realize it isn’t even close because the connection they feel isn’t natural. Instead, you feel magnetized and everything happens out of your control because of your unrequited feelings. Such a beautiful way to describe desperation. Good job, Tom!

‘Here I Am’

Again from the Wrong Crowd, this song talks about going in circles. We think everybody can find a relatable part for them in this song with the experiences from their past lovers, or friends. Even when you find yourself out of a toxic relationship, sometimes you still think about the memories, it is like they are haunting you. With such beautiful lyrics combining with the upbeat music, we are sure that you will love this piece as much as we do!

‘If You Wanna Love Somebody’

Now, let’s praise Tom’s third studio album Jubilee Road just a little bit. ‘If You Wanna Love Somebody’ is the lead single from the album and it welcomes us with the Tom Odell that we are familiar with: simple but beautiful music and a calming voice. In the song, Tom is pleading for the person he loves to love him back, ensuring them that he can be everything they need. He even admits his own flaws. He is there, ready to love. However, we understand that the person he begs for love, is someone who lost their hope in love. Ouch!

‘Queen of Diamonds’

Such a masterpiece! ‘Queen of Diamonds’ is another beautiful song on Jubilee Road and basically, it is a story. With every lyric, we dive into the story of a man who is slowly losing his hope for real love. Tom Odell uses gambling to symbolize his search for love and the ‘Queen of Diamonds’ in the song represents the perfect woman that can give the narrator a perfect life. If you love story-telling songs like us, this song should be on your playlist!

‘lose you again’

It is time to talk about Tom Odell’s new album Monsters and why you need songs from it on your playlist. If we could describe his new album with one simple word, it would be “raw” and this is exactly what makes Monsters so beautiful. With the album, Tom takes his musicality to another level and he talks about his mental issues and troubling experiences so openly.

‘lose you again’ which is the fourth single from the album, is a ballad that shatters our hearts into pieces. Imagine you really want somebody back because you know they are hurting but you can’t risk losing them for a second time. It hurts, doesn’t it? 

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‘don’t be afraid of the dark’

There are a lot of things we love about ‘don’t be afraid of the dark’ and the simple, natural music is one of them. While the music gives us a different kind of serenity, meaningful and uplifting lyrics give us the hope we need. This song should be essential for the days you feel down, you feel like you are lost in the darkness. At the moment you think that the song is too good to be that short, Tom Odell surprises you with a heavenly piano piece at the end and it gives you huge joy. In the end, there is a reason why he has the title “Piano-Man.” You will need this song in your playlist, it is everything you need.  

As soon as you listen to Tom Odell, you’ll understand why we love him and his music so much. It is so hard not to fall in love with his talent. So, be quick, check him out! Tell us what is your favorite Tom Odell song in the comments down below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop

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Featured Image Source: Netti Hurley

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