Everytime We Watch This Music Video We Get A Little Bit Stronger

Everytime We Watch This Music Video We Get A Little Bit Stronger

Gather around, warriors! If life has been too cruel to you lately, thank God we have our queen Ava Max for therapy! With her latest electro-pop banger, ‘EveryTime I Cry,’ which now has a powerful music video, Ava Max is reminding us to look square in the eyes of life’s battles and pull the imaginary trigger!

If you haven’t listened to the self-motivation bop yet, what are you even doing?

Ava Max on ‘EveryTime I Cry’ music video will enchant you!

As if Ava’s out-of-this-world vocals and empowering lyrics weren’t already enough to get us up and marching on, our ‘Belladonna’ has dropped an electrifying music video for ‘EveryTime I Cry!’ Watch below:

Truly one of the biggest and boldest Ava Max visuals to date, the music video takes us to a whole another world! Fusing the theme of drawing strength from vulnerability, cinematic backdrops, and stunning outfits, the music video is no less than an enchantment!

It opens with Ava waking up wounded in a deserted land, lost, alone, and scared. And yet, it takes her no time to rise with unmatchable power. What power, you ask? She cries, but as the tears hit the ground, they not only rejuvenate the Earth but they flood the world. The visual juggles through Utopian-world set pieces, natural beauty, and wardrobe that showcases Ava as a warrior, a fairy, and a literal goddess in just three minutes!

About the video, Ava says:

This video demonstrates power within vulnerability. I wanted to tell a story that has the viewer watch me turn weakness into strength.

Ava Max on the music video for ‘EveryTime I Cry’

We hear you, Ava!

The music video is an ultimate embodiment of embracing our battles and using our vulnerabilities to reclaim the reins of our lives! And just like that, Ava Max becomes our favorite counselor slash therapist!

Are you vibing to ‘EveryTime I Cry’ yet? Tell us your favorite Ava Max moments from the music video or tweet to us @TheHoneyPop.

Can’t get enough of Ava? We got you!


Featured Image Source: Charlotte Rutherford

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