The Kid LAROI May Be Over His F*CK LOVE Trilogy But We Aren’t

Hold your Hennessy, the third and final installment of The Kid LAROI‘s EP – F*CK LOVE has arrived, and it’s blowing us away! With seven new bangers, F*CK LOVE 3: Over You is quite literally the best of The Kid LAROI we’ve heard so far. Listen to the masterpiece right here!

Amidst melodies too compelling to ignore and big names (Hello Bieber, Polo G, Mustard?) as collaborations, FL3 boasts raw emotive lyrics spiraling around angst and anger, with high middle-finger energy. LAROI’s signature pop-infused, lyrical emo-rap sections make F*CK LOVE 3: Over You an obvious hit. Let’s break it down track-by-track!

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Opening FL3 with the title track, we are not even lying when we say The Kid gave us chills with this one. On the backdrop of light raindrops and weary piano, ‘OVER YOU’ is the sad bop you smile through. With a vocal range out of this world, The Kid LAROI puts 100% of his emotions into this song. While the lyrics low-key scratch against our hearts, the addictive hook keeps resonating in our heads.

‘NOT SOBER’ (Feat. Polo G & Stunna Gambino)

What a legendary collab! The near-telephonic intro of the chorus sets the stage for a massively addicting hook, and the trio does not fail us. And we get a music video too! An emotional hip-hop banger, ‘NOT SOBER’ hits way harder as soon as you realize, “And R.I.P. my brother never got to say bye-bye,” is a tribute to LAROI’s mentor and hip-hop legend Juice WRLD. Who is chopping onions, again?

‘Stay’ (With Justin Bieber)

Making it to our top three (possibly #1), this Justin Bieber collaboration on FL3 is a blessing we did not deserve! Kid LAROI’s unique vocals blend so well with Justin’s incredible range in this song. The upbeat pop anthem took the world by storm and landed the iconic duo a #3 spot on the Hot 100. The melody keeps replaying in our heads, and we are not even complaining. This collab is truly *chef’s kiss!*


Contrary to the title, this song shifts the energy from sentimental pop bangers to a smooth, funk-influenced swagger tune and a proper “I can’t believe I ever let you in my life right now” narrative. Remember the original snippet and the tiny little “Perfect?” Well, that’s what this track is! Only, Charlton, you owed us a second verse after making ‘SAME ENERGY’ sound the way it did boy…

‘DON’T LEAVE ME’ (Feat. G Herbo & Lil Durk)

Okay, hear us out, will you? Three seconds in, and we were already in love with this one. LAROI straight snapped on his verse and crazy switch in the flow by Lil Durk. And that beat is off the bat! The instrumental doing its own thing while the lyrics cut deep – FL3 has surprised us in ways we didn’t even expect.


The only bad news is how criminally underrated this kid is! LAROI has let the lyrics do the talking in ‘BAD NEWS,’ and quite honestly, they are top-notch. Talk about making it out of the mud! “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” – LAROI pretty much hooks us with the opening lyric itself. Oh, by the way, did we appreciate the visualizer enough? Because if not, we owe LAROI a dime.

‘STILL CHOSE YOU’ (Feat. Mustard)

Going out with a bang, the last song on FL3 is a welcoming note to new love, and goodness gracious! Could there be a better way to close the pack? ‘STILL CHOSE YOU’ is one of those instant club hits that sets your mood. Remarkably pleasing lyrics, infectious melody, and an uptempo beat, this song is just right to make anyone believe that your evil ways are done and dusted just for them – exactly what LAROI does with it! An absolute bop, we say!

And there you have it! The remainder of the repack features the earlier two installments – F*CK LOVE and F*CK LOVE (SAVAGE), making it a 29-song collection! LAROI has had immaculate growth since the first chapter of this EP series, both melodically and sonically. Already making waves at the age of 17, this kid is one to stay!

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If you have not kept him on your radar, there is no escaping him now! With the end of the F*CK LOVE series, LAROI has made it clear that a new beginning is on the way, and we are so here for it!

Have you listened to The Kid yet? Which one is your favorite track on F*CK LOVE (OVER YOU)? Tell us everything in the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: The Kid LAROI via Twitter

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