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tiger lily Talks ‘best u ever had

tiger lily Talks ‘best u ever had <3,' Giving Back, And Summer Vibes!

We can’t tell you what it’s like starting a music career in the middle of a pandemic, we just write about it. But we can tell you about an artist who did just that and it paid off so well! tiger lily, an up-and-coming LA-based artist, has been making waves with her latest hit ‘best u ever had <3’ and we love it. When we tell you this song is a banger, we mean it! Our favorite part about it? The fact that it’s an up-tempo break-up song. You can’t be sad when the music is this good, those are the rules. Another thing that has us so hyped to tell you about tiger lily is the fact that she fundraises for so many great causes. But we’ll let her tell you all about that, let’s dive into the interview!

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You made your solo artist debut in the middle of a pandemic, what was that like? Did it impact the way you chose to release your music?
Yeah! It was honestly a blessing for me since performing live was always my least favorite part of being a musician, and this gave me the chance to hide in my house and still be an artist, haha. Beyond that, a lot of the collaborations I did were remote due to the pandemic. For example, I made ‘best u ever had <3’ without ever meeting the producer in real life.

We absolutely love the vibe of ‘best u ever had <3!’ How did this song come about, is it based on a personal experience?
Thank you! Yeah, I have the worst love life. One day I’ll write a tell-all memoir SNL can raid for skit ideas, but, long story short, I wrote ‘best u ever had <3’ as an anthem for everyone out there who has been unjustly ghosted and as an ode to every guy who opted to miss out on dating me. They thought they were avoiding getting a song written about them, but they thought wrong.

‘best u ever had <3’ gives us major summer vibes, what made you decide to make this track a more up-tempo summer anthem, versus more of a slow song or a ballad?
It’s funny since most of my songs are these sad, heartbroken tracks, but in real life, I’m really lighthearted, so I wanted a song that captured that side of me. Every song I write, no matter how sad the lyrics are, people tell me it gives them “summer vibes” – which is fantastic I think since summer is clearly the best month, haha. But yeah, this one just happened to be released in summer.

best u ever had <3
Image Source: Tenth House Agency

Who are some artists that inspire your sound?
It’s always changing, but for this track, I was inspired by Troye Sivan, Dempsey Hope, and LANY.

What are some songs that are essential for your summer playlist?
To me, summer reminds me of long road trips to Spokane Washington listening to my Dad’s favorite songs. So some songs that remind me of that would be: (1) ‘Monday Monday’ – The Mamas & The Papas (2) ‘Summer Nights’ – John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John (3) ‘Hung Up On A Dream’ – The Zombies (4) ‘Here Comes Your Man’ – The Pixies (5) ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’ – The Go-Go’s (6) ‘Down in the Valley’ – The Head and the Heart (7) ‘cardigan’ – Taylor Swift (8) ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ – Ramones (9) ‘I Want You to Want Me’ – Cheap Trick (10) ‘In the Summer’ – Fastbacks.

You’ve raised thousands of dollars to support LGBTQ+ nonprofits with the support of your fans, which is so cool! What is it like to have that kind of platform? What other impact do you hope to make with your platform?
Thank you! I think that is really a testament to how cool my fans are, they never cease to impress me. I definitely want to keep using my platform to host concerts that raise money for causes I’m passionate about. But beyond that, I hope to also embody what I think is missing in the music industry. I saw a recent headline in NPR, “42% In The U.S. Can’t Name A Single Prominent Asian American, A Survey Finds.” If you asked people to name a single prominent Asian American in the music industry, I bet that percentage would plummet. Representation is crucial because it sets precedents and paves the way for future artists. It may be a lofty dream, but I want to break records as an Asian-American woman in the commercial music industry. My friends crack jokes because I graduated top of my business school and then promptly quit my job on Wall Street to try and be a pop star in LA. But I’m like, we already have Asian-American women killing it on Wall Street and in business school… but who is going to get us a GRAMMY Award?!

If you could describe your sound in a sentence or two, what would you say?
There’s a quote I love which is “the musical equivalent of a blurry low-exposure polaroid of the best night of your life.” That’s what I strive for my music to embody.

best u ever had <3
Image Source: Tenth House Agency

We love your Instagram aesthetic, we noticed you describe yourself as ex-grunge girl turned pop artist, does the ex-grunge part of that statement ever come into play with your aesthetic even as a pop artist?
Thank you! Yeah, for sure. It’s funny, I love pop music but I think of myself as a rocker chick. I grew up in Seattle surrounded by rock and roll so it’s very much just who I am. I grew up covering The Pixies and Radiohead with my rock band, watching The Who and Queen concerts, and learning 90s grunge trivia. My idols were always rockstars like Kurt Cobain and David Bowie. To me, they’re the coolest ever and always will be.

What are some major goals you hope to accomplish career-wise in the next year?
Well, I crossed off a huge one today: ‘best u ever had <3’ was included on Spotify’s Fresh Finds which has been a dream of mine for years! Other than that, getting on Billboard and Pitchfork would be incredible, hitting 100k monthly listeners on Spotify, and getting my debut single ‘lisbon’ to a million streams are all goals of mine. I’m glad you’re asking this since it’s making me think about it myself, haha.

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How have social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok impacted your career and how you share your music?
A lot of artists I meet dread social media. For me, I think it’s the coolest thing ever since I see it as a giant group chat with all my fans and those are my favorite people, so yeah, I spend all day on it haha. In the past year, people started adding disclaimers to their Instagram DMs to me like “I bet you won’t read this but…” I’m like, “Oh please, I read every single message” haha. I’ll never be too cool to say thank you to people who take the time to send me a nice message about my music! I know we’re all busy so it’s a huge compliment.

How lovely of a human being is this? We’re so absolutely honored that we got to chat with tiger lily and ‘best u ever had <3’ will be on repeat all summer long for sure. Stream the song here. What was your favorite part of the interview? Are you a tiger lily stan yet? Let us know in the comments below or buzz on over to our Twitter @thehoneypop!

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Featured Image Source: Tenth House Agency and Emily Defoor – The Honey POP Graphics Team

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