XPLR Club: The Latest From Sam & Colby

XPLR Club: The Latest From Sam & Colby

Listen up Sam & Colby fans, we have some news for you! If you haven’t heard by now, Sam & Colby have a new membership club and we have all the deets for ya! We love Sam & Colby here at THP so you know we had to give XPLR Club a shoutout!

Image Source: Michael Arellano
So What’s It All About?

You can check out the XPLR Club website for yourself right here. The club isn’t taking anything away from fans who love their YouTube channel, it’s just giving some extra perks to fans who join! So you can still watch Sam and Colby explore haunted locations to your heart’s content. Some of the benefits of joining the club include exclusive merch, monthly live streams just for club members, and bonus content that isn’t on their YouTube channel. There’s even one on one Facetime calls with Sam and Colby! Talk about a bonus.

However, one of the coolest things you can get with an XPLR club membership (in our opinion) is a chance to explore with the guys! That’s right, one of their monthly giveaways is getting an opportunity to go on an adventure with Sam and Colby. How cool is that? We might spook easily but we’ll suck it up for a ghost hunting adventure with these two.

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See You There?

You can head on over to the XPLR Club website or any of the guys’ socials to find out more info and join! In fact, now is probably a great time to join, in anticipation of the release of their video at The Conjuring house. Who knows what kind of scary behind-the-scenes footage we might get to see!

What do you think of XPLR Club? Will you be joining? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter! You know we’re always buzzing about something sweet.

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Featured Image Source: Sam and Colby via Instagram

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