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Never Have I Ever Been A Devi!

Never Have I Ever Been A Devi!

We all can agree that the messiest character of all time is none other than our own Devi Vishwakumar. Given her trauma of losing her father in front of her eyes, we can’t completely blame her for losing her sense of normalcy in making critical decisions. Even though she irritates us sometimes, we all love her. So here we have the top five moments of her life where she messed up, real bad. Also, look out, there might be spoilers! 

A Bad Friend?

Ah! Eleanor and Fabiola are just the most perfect friends anyone could ever have, but what about Devi? We know that she is a questionable person with a questionable mental state but who would ever ditch her friends to meet the boy who didn’t care about her at all? We all know the answer, don’t we? After having a big fallout and having her heart broken by her mother, again, Eleanor understands and is convinced that theatre is not for her and decides to have a mediocre lifestyle. It’s hard to take it when your mother abandons you for her personal selfish needs, right? We all could use a good friend at that moment, but Devi left her friends high and dry whenever possible. Let it be Fabiola opening up about her sexuality or Eleanor having mommy issues, Devi never disappointed us.

Image Source: Still shot from episode 8, season , Never Have I Ever via Netflix

Really, Devi? Sex Rumors?

Oh, my God! Paxton Hall-Yoshida has all our hearts trapped in his tiny little cage, including Devi’s. We all can say that she didn’t exactly create the rumor but had never denied it in actuality to make it stop. Didn’t it complicate things even more? When Ben gets to know about the amazing rumor and tells it out loud in what he thought is an empty bus with only Devi on it, everything comes to a stop and it spreads like wildfire, making Devi the goddess to every nerd in Sherman Oaks. But what about when Paxton gets to know about this? His mind was blown, obviously. And then there is one of the biggest messes that Devi had to clean up in her sophomore year.

Image Source: Still shot from episode 1, season 2, Never Have I Ever via Netflix

Shouldn’t Have Two-timed…

It is fair that any person would like to date a guy like Paxton and would still want a person like Ben Gross in their life. But two-timing must never be an option, but Devi thought that it was the only option left for her. She was ready to break Ben’s heart but what stopped her? Her inability of saying a simple “No.” Now, she was dating both of the boys and her plan was quite solid. Until her mother decided that they wouldn’t be moving to India anymore. Everything was a mess again and only Devi was responsible for the mess. Well, this time it was partly her friends’ fault but she was the one who was supposed to face the consequences. 

Image Source: Isabella B. Vosmikova /Netflix

The Worst Rager Ever

After Eleanor and Fabiola decide to thrown a huge rager as a going away party for Devi, she ends up inviting both of her boyfriends to it. Being good friends, Eleanor and Fabiola decide to keep both the boys apart, mostly in different rooms to save her friend from all the drama that could possibly be caused. But yet again, Devi shows up with her insecurity and announces in the middle of her room that she was the one dating Paxton Hall-Yoshida and not one of the popular girls and you guessed it right! Ben was standing right behind her and it breaks his heart. Even when Paxton gets to know that he was being two-timed, he feels humiliated and leaves the party, therefore, mess number 2. And mess number 3 at the same party? When she leaves Ben behind and runs after Paxton and him getting hit by a car. Now, this was a party that could’ve been the highlight of that academic year and the reason was our own girl, Devi.

Image Source: Still shot from episode 2, season 2, Never Have I Ever via Netflix

The Meanest Thing

Getting jealous of the only other Indian friend she made at Sherman Oaks, Devi ends up messing up her life too. A whole lot of drama takes place after Aneesa and Ben start dating. Devi, obviously, felt threatened because Aneesa was smart, beautiful, well mannered and she was Ben’s immediate girlfriend after the two-timing drama and Devi was not yet over Ben. After being frustrated by their romance and PDA, Devi yells out the meanest things about Aneesa, in a rally conducted in support for the improvement of Devi’s grades, which were true and was the reason for Aneesa’s change of school, a rumor of her being anorexic. Devi, however, does the right thing of confessing to her but gets suspension and gets grounded for disappointing her mother.

Image Source: Isabella B. Vosmikova / Netflix

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