Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These Alessia Cara Songs

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These Alessia Cara Songs

It’s no secret that we are massive Alessia Cara fans! For years she’s continued to impress us with her music and the honesty she’s able to display. Alessia Cara has recently released two new tracks, ‘Sweet Dream’ and ‘Shapeshifter.’ Both of the new tracks are blueprints for what it is to be a genuinely incredible pop artist. We’ve had ‘Sweet Dream’ and ‘Shapeshifter’ on a constant loop! It only makes sense to us that as we celebrate the new music, Alessia Cara blessed us with, we talk about our favorite songs!

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‘Stay’ with Zedd

‘Stay’ has acted as the ultimate party song since the song was released in 2017. You can’t help but be put in the best mood whenever you hear the opening notes. Zedd is known for these upbeat party tracks, but this was new territory for Alessia Cara. And, of course, Alessia mastered the sound with ease.


“I wish I could freeze the time at seventeen” is a lyric we relate all too well to. Growing up, so many of us have this idea that being an adult is the ultimate experience. Then you start actually growing up and wish you could go back to those days of innocence. Alessia Cara paints a picture of an internal struggle we’ve all experienced so beautifully.

‘Wild Things’

‘Wild Things’ is just one of the songs that provide cold hard proof of what a genius album Know-It-All is. When we think of Alessia Cara, ‘Wild Things’ is one of the first songs we think of. It’s such a smash and is pure pop perfection.

‘Scars To Your Beautiful’

We will always be down for a song that leaves us feeling better about ourselves. From the incredibly beautiful music video to every single lyric, ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ is such a triumph for Alessia Cara. We cry with almost every listen if we’re honest.

‘Here – 2:00 AM Version’

Now don’t get us wrong, we love the original version of ‘Here,’ but something about the 2:00 AM version hits different. This song is exactly what we want to vibe to on any given night. As a night of partying winds down, putting on ‘Here’ is a power move.

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