The Joy Formidable Takes No ‘Interval’ And Rock On!

The Joy Formidable Takes No ‘Interval’ And Rock On!

Who’s ready to hear some new sounds from the Welsh lands? The Joy Formidable puts no ‘Interval’ to their releases and unveiled their new single. You’ll swim Into The Blue next month, and we are so pleased to listen to their new track right now! The Welsh band rock on again!

The Joy Formidable
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TJF On The Road!

Does an ‘Interval’ with Joy Formidable even exist? They make bangers after bangers, and it’s a fact! The band keeps feeding us content with their TJF Music Club with exclusive tracks, performances, and more. The Welsh trio works like busy bees. They show us their versatile influences on the new material. We are eager to know more about this upcoming record. The Joy Formidable fills up our New Music Friday with rock ballads, anthemic guitars, and more. August 20th, when will you come through? Imagine when you hear the tracks live! They are a beast on stage, and we can confirm it! If you are a lucky US resident, catch them from coast to coast from November. Classics and the new album will be on the menu! Get your tickets and more info here.

No Break Needed!

The Joy Formidable’s ‘Interval’ reflects on the crossroads we encounter in our lives. The song has this The Cure feels in the dramatic drum intro. Our hearts pound fast in synchronicity with the guitar riffs that shine through the five minutes track. “If you feel lost/Under bright skies/See through me/Every second chance, every broken word/Feeds the heat,” Ritzy Bryan sings with her star-shaped voice. We love the dark and bright nuances harmonized in a big epic melody string.

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Again, the Reading And Leeds Festival alumni superposed different tones in one multi-layer track that captivate us. It’s like two songs in one! We have the rock side, while there are such delicate and soft melancholic rhymes on the other. Stream the single here. Watch the video for ‘Interval’ below. Take a few seconds of your time to pre-order or pre-save the new album Into The Blue here. It worth it. Take our word for it!

What are you looking forward to Into The Blue tracks? Do you loved what you heard on The Joy Formidable’s ‘Interval?’ Ramble with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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