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These Songs Unlock The Hopeless Romantic In All Of Us

These Songs Unlock The Hopeless Romantic In All Of Us

We can’t help it. We are complete suckers for a good love song. Some tracks bring the hopeless romantic in all of us to the forefront, and we are here to talk all about them. From Taylor Swift, the master at making us feel so intensely, to James TW who’s heavenly voice soothes us. Grab your tissues if you’re emotional wrecks like we are, and get ready to dive into the five songs that most bring out our hopeless romantic side!

Lauv‘I Like Me Better’

We, too, would love to be young and in love in New York City. ‘I Like Me Better’ describes the ideal situation when you’ve found that person that genuinely makes you better. That feeling is something so rare, but when you find it, you can turn up ‘I Like Me Better’ and live your absolute best life.

Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler – ‘this is how you fall in love’

If your looking for the softest love song of all time, look no further than ‘this is how you fall in love.’ Chelsea Cutler and Jeremy Zucker were always meant to sing together, and you can’t help but feel all warm inside while listening to how their voices merge. We’re counting down the days until we can relate to this song and use it as the background song in a cheesy montage of photos.

James TW – ‘Hopeless Romantics’

Get ready for the tears, ‘Hopeless Romantics’ is more on the heartbreaking end of these songs we’ve picked out. James TW poses the question of wondering where two hopeless romantics went wrong. How could something so beautiful, turn tragic? Please excuse us we’re going to go sit with this box of tissues and ‘Hopeless Romantics’ on repeat.

Stream ‘Hopeless Romantics’ here!

Taylor Swift – ‘invisible string’

There is not a line more precious in any song in the world than “one single thread of gold tied me to you.” Taylor Swift is the all-time best at making you feel things intensely. That includes making us feel all too lonely with this adorable love song. Every single lyric is so specific, and yet so many of us can think of a person in our own lives when we hear this song.

Greyson Chance – ‘O Violet’

Greyson Chance is in love, and it’s never been more clear than on the beautiful masterpiece that is, ‘O Violet.’ Every time we listen to ‘O Violet’, we linger on the line ‘I’m mad like crimson, You’re sweet like blue.” Isn’t that what it’s all about? Finding someone who balances you out? Finding that perfect person who together you’re better than separate.

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