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Anne-Marie Is The Only Therapy You Need This Year!

Anne-Marie Is The Only Therapy You Need This Year!

We have already collectively established that Anne-Marie is our dame, but we were not ready for her to snap this hard on Therapy! Her sophomore album landed a few days ago, and since then, there hasn’t been a day at the THP camp where we haven’t spun the record. Listen to the work of art here!

It is honestly so therapeutic but at the same time a proper dance record with mostly upbeat anthems and sick collaborations. Anne-Marie has balanced the theme beautifully with honesty, vulnerability, and some crazy ‘Kiss My (Uh Oh)’ energy. We cannot wait to break it down for you, so let’s dive right in!

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Anne-Marie opens Therapy with wildly smooth, clear vocals and lyrics that immediately set the stage for some bad bi*ch energy. And oh, we love it! She is so clever with songwriting, and the melody is so catchy! The cherry on the pie is how Anne-Marie uses her vocals as instruments in a way. The tunes that follow the “2” in the song seem like guitar riffs when they are just pure Anne-Marie vocals. Anyone else getting goosebumps already?

‘Don’t Play’ (Feat. KSI & Digital Farm Animals)

The second track carries the energy forward effortlessly. The song pretty much seems like a call and response (no pun intended), even though KSI’s flow (which is sick, by the way) suggests that Anne-Marie has not been responding lately. Meanwhile, she is beginning to feel more deeply, which is why she is taking no BS and, quite literally, letting her actions speak louder through the music video!

‘Kiss My (Uh Oh)’ (Feat. Little Mix)

This is the collab we can (and did) stay up all night for and listen to an unhealthy amount of times! Sampling Lumidee’s early 00’s R&B classic ‘Never Leave You (Uh Oh),’ the slick production and all-out, empowering track is our new favorite breakup anthem! Anything with Little Mix is an automatic hit, but can we talk about how well Anne-Marie’s voice blends in with them? The gang vocals, beautiful harmonies that sound more like speaking, rather than singing, sick drums on the beat – this is a treat! But that is not it; we got a music video too!

Doesn’t it make you want to be besties with them? Because same. Inspired by Bridesmaids and directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the music video is a dream. Such an incredible mood on there, and the theme screams Therapy so loud! It looks like they indeed went ahead and had a few all-girls parties, laughed out loud, living life to the fullest, and took photos just as they appear on credits. If that is not Therapy, we don’t know what else is!

‘Who I Am’

Part of Therapy is embracing the awesomeness of being fearlessly you. Anne-Marie has done a great job at delivering messages through Therapy so far, and ‘Who I Am’ is another ticked checkbox. This song generalizes self-love with “If you don’t like it, I don’t give a damn, got enough drama I don’t need fake friends.” It’s upbeat as it begins and puts you in a good mood, but as the bridge approaches, her vocals get much softer. That shows the vulnerability when you finally reach a point where you are proudly you.

‘Our Song’ (Feat. Niall Horan)

Heartbreak Weather us already! This collab has honestly saved the world and the people living in it. We can write pages on this, but you already know that, right? Part of the reason is this one hits home. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. The energy of the album has also officially shifted with this track. There is more vulnerability, and walls are breaking down. The verses open with “I’ll be honest” which is super therapeutic in itself! Niall nailed his parts on the song, and Anne-Marie, as always, aced hers too! Turn up the ra-di-o!

‘Way Too Long’ (Feat. Nathan Dawe & MoStack)

Leave it to Anne-Marie to discuss serious narratives and still make it a whole dance album! The lyrics on this one are way too relatable, and her vocals add a solid impact on them. The melody builds up the anticipation, and when it is time to deliver, Anne-Marie doesn’t disappoint. The music video also looks super fun and pretty! MoStack slays his bars, and we are officially extending the hand of friendship because “Who’s the chick I need? Hmm, it’s Jade from Little Mix for me.” Same bestie, same.


This is probably one of our favorites on the album. Contrary to the previous tracks, ‘Breathing’ is calmer and more emotive, with a raspier and more controlled voice. It’s definitely the song where Anne-Marie’s vocals shine the most on Therapy. Lyrically, and sonically too, this song is an absolute masterpiece. As she sings, “Cos now I’m in love, can you believe it / That being in love was just as easy as breathing,” she follows the chorus with actual breathing sounds. Like, how amazing is that!

‘Unlovable’ (Feat. Rudimental)

From ‘Breathing,’ it looks like this is the album’s B-Side of sorts. The direction has so smoothly transitioned and is now focusing more on vulnerability and self-awareness. In the last track, we saw Anne-Marie advocating loudly for love, but when we come to ‘Unlovable,’ it’s as if being in love was indeed easy, in a way that she fell too quick? And in this song, she realizes, “So many lovers, but I haven’t found the one to fix my heart.” Honestly, this album kind of speaks to us.


See how the “I will do to you x2” energy has transitioned for the second half of the album? We are not even exaggerating when we say ‘Beautiful’ is a tear-jerker. While at some point it makes you want to thank Anne-Marie, at some others, it will make you want to hug yourself. As if “Darling when they put you down like that / Yeah, you can reply right back you are beautiful” isn’t already making us sob, wait for the song to end, and we bet you’ll weep (consider this a heads up).

‘Tell Your Girlfriend’

We love how Anne-Marie has balanced the songs themed around toxic relationships with general self-awareness themes as we saw on ‘Who I Am,’ ‘Beautiful,’ and now ‘Tell Your Girlfriend.’ While this song is a massive energy shift again, Anne-Marie is going all ride-or-die-with-my-sisters on it. And queen, we are so here for the message! Sometimes, lifting each other, and maintaining the universal sis code is Therapy. She is not even shy about it with all the snarky little laughs in the song. Queen stuff only!

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‘Better Not Together’

As we reach the end of the album, the whole theme of Therapy only gets strengthened. Anne-Marie portrays the idea of going back and forth in a toxic relationship in ‘Better Not Together.’ There are literal oxymorons in almost every lyric – “Reason to run, reason to stay / We’re losing grip, but we can’t let go / Loved me like the heat of the sun, now your vibe’s getting colder / Screaming at the top of my lungs, and then I’m pulling you closer.” It shows how difficult it is to move on from something like that, but once you do, it’s liberating. And that’s the whole mood of the song. Genius!


We’re not even emotionally stable enough to say it yet, but Anne-Marie, there wasn’t a better way to close Therapy. ‘Therapy’ literally sounds like the answer we’ve been waiting for throughout the set. It is kind of sad but also honest and empowering. It sounds like all this while she was trying to fill in the void with “all these tattoos and dancing distractions,” but they were not working. And now she finally knows what she needs and does not go back to all the toxicity. We’re sure we’re not the only ones begging for the album to not end – that’s what Therapy does to you. The more you get, the more you want!

And there you go! It was a full-circle meltdown listening to this album, and we’re confident it will help so many of us. We know we can’t get enough of Therapy, and Anne-Marie is our eternal Santa Claus right now. So she is launching her first-ever global Livestream, Therapy: The Live Experience, on August 7. It will be an unforgettable set highlighted by fan favorites, and anthems from Therapy. Grab your tickets “in record-breaking time” here!

Have you listened to Therapy yet? Which is your favorite song on the album? Tell us everything in the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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