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Payno Premiers: Marion Jola

Payno Premiers: Marion Jola

Okay, honey bees, we are getting so excited for Liam Payne’s upcoming new artist showcase Here’s To The Future on July 31st. Not long to go! Liam will be gracing our Veeps screens once again, but this time, in true Liam form, he is handing over the spotlight to introduce us to a host of incredibly talented artists, who you may not be too ‘Familiar’ with yet!

But don’t worry, we’ve got you! Here at THP HQ, we’ve been bringing you all the tea on these artists as they’re announced! How cool would it be if we can all sing along to these performances and feel like we know a bit more about these artists prior to the show? With all four new artist announcements for the show, we’ve been dropping an intro to that artist too! We’re deep diving, so you don’t have to! So settle down, grab some snacks, and get to know the artists Liam has chosen to showcase! Because if he loves them, chances are we will too! We’ve already introduced you to Sam MacPhersonJessia, and Olivia Dean, and it’s finally time to hype up the final artist! Welcome, Marion Jola!

Introducing: Marion Jola
Image Source: Marion Jola Official Instagram

Marion Jola is a 21-year-old singer and songwriter from Kupang, Indonesia. Marion competed in the 9th season of Indonesian Idol in 2017 and came sixth in early 2018. She has been following her musical dreams since 2014 and has amassed many awards and accolades since! She was awarded Indonesia’s Best New Asian Artist award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards and the Best Newcomer Award at the AMI Awards in 2018, and many others! Marion went on to release her debut album Marion the following year. Celebrated for her sensational vocals and powerful music with themes of female empowerment, Marion has risen to stardom so warmly and is super connected to her fans, with her regular YouTube updates reaching her 700k+ subscribers. No need to ask for her skincare routine. She’s already posted it! We are so excited to see Marion on the Here’s To The Future stage!

We’ve loved checking out Marion Jola’s music, which we’re gonna summarize as “sultry R&B with attitude,” but what are our favorite songs? Well, we’ve done a deep dive on Marion’s discography, and as difficult as it was, we’ve pulled two of our faves that we’d love to see her perform on July 31st!

‘Don’t Touch Me’

Marion Jola’s latest single is a collab with fellow Indonesian singer Danilla Ryadi and rapper, Ramengvrl. ‘Don’t Touch Me’ is a musical genre buffet! With beautifully sultry blues bars which suit Marion’s unique vocals and fiery rap verses to boot! Get to streaming it right here! The song starts out with a slow intro, with snare drum backbeats keeping a chilled and atmospheric tempo. They complement Marion’s sublime soulful vocals, which exude warmth and strength, as she states the intentions of the song lyrically: “I don’t think it’s fair man / for all us women.” As the tune progresses, we hear the pace pick up as Ramengvrl comes in strong with her colorful rap verse. We won’t spoil that for you here, go check it out, and you’ll know! Heads up, maybe don’t play it at school or work!

Danilla’s smooth and airy vocal changes the pace of the track again, bringing us back to the snared vibes, but with such a different vocal aesthetic, making this track feel so contemporary and powerful. What isn’t different throughout this collab and its verses though, is the very loud female empowerment message of this track. And. We. Are. Here. For. It.

We’re gonna assume Marion Jola’s collaborators won’t be performing at the Here’s To The Future showcase, but hey, we can dream can’t we? This song would slap so hard live, and it’d be so cool to hear rap featured on the show, bringing an untapped genre to Liam’s previous Veeps shows!

[apple_music_ad artist=”Marion Jola, Danilla, Ramengvrl” song=”Don’t Touch Me”]

‘Favorite Sin’

‘Favorite Sin’ is another stellar collab from Marion Jola. Joined by another incredible Indonesian rapper, Tuan Tigabelas, this track picks up a much more party vibe, and we’re living for it. This takes us straight to a beach party when the sun is just setting and our skin is tingling with the warmth. Taken from her debut album Marion, released in 2020, ‘Favorite Sin’ brings in reggaeton vibes in its hybrid of reggae vibes and rap, with Spanish lyrics. A departure from the messages of ‘Don’t Touch Me,’ this track is a party love song: “All my life I’ve been searching for / some who gets me, accepts me / finds my flaws fancy.” This song is it. This is the kind of song you play through your earphones and realize you’re strutting with a bit more purpose! The faster beats of this bouncy song show another side to Marion’s unique vocals, and Tuan Tigabelas’ rap verse adds an extra dose of fun to this summery track.

We think this song would be so amazing live on July 31st! It’s an official bop, and the energy around this song would be incredible at the Here’s To The Future showcase!

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We are so excited to see Marion live. Having launched her career through live performances on Indonesian Idol, we’re sure Marion is going to go so hard on the Veeps stage! We can’t wait for her to feel the love and support of this fandom. Liam wants to use his platform to showcase artists like Marion. What do you say we join him? Let’s do Liam proud and use our powerful platform as fans to stream her music and adopt her as our own. Welcome to the family, Marion!

Here’s To The Future

And that’s it! We’ve officially checked out all four artists slated for Liam Payne’s Here’s To the Future showcase! We’ve loved introducing you to these incredible artists, and we can’t wait to simp with you all on July 31st! Not got your ticket yet? Don’t be a “Lonely Bug!” You can get your tickets for Liam’s Here’s To The Future Veeps show here. Or better yet, enter our giveaway for the chance to win 1 of 4 tickets to the show! Hurry, not long left to enter!

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And being the absolute beauty that he is, Liam has even put together a Here’s to The Future playlist for us, covering all of the artists performing at the show, including himself! Could this be a clue for the setlist too? If it is, then not to blow our own trumpet… but we nailed our guesses! Stream it here!

Image Source: Liam Payne Official Instagram Story

What songs from the Here’s To the Future playlist are you hoping to hear at the show? Come on over and ‘Say It All’ down in the comments, and don’t forget to buzz over to our socials, @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, and Instagram.

We’re obsessed with Liam, in case you haven’t noticed! Need more Liam in your life? Don’t worry, THP will keep you fed!



Featured Image Source: Caroline Wang and Afnan Acharki for The Honey POP

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