What Exactly Are Tegan and Sara Up to Right Now?

What Exactly Are Tegan and Sara Up to Right Now?

Tegan and Sara have always been here, in a subtle just-checking-in kind of way. This past year, T&S featured on Beach Bunny’s ‘Cloud 9‘ and wrote a song for Clea DuVall’s Happiest Season. They’re even signed up to be producers on a tv-series adapted from High School, their NYTimes best-selling memoir. But we know something else is up their sleeve. We’re left asking, “What are Tegan and Sara hiding right now?”

The truth of the matter is, these two have been teasing a new project in the works for some time now. And with interviews/guest spots on podcasts appearing left and right, we’re positive this is the mere beginning of a new album cycle. Quite frankly our suspicions are affirmed with the crumbs we get via their Twitter account.

But artists say things like this all the time, don’t they? Aren’t our favorite musicians just always working on new content? Even in episodes of Where Does The Good Grow that aired last summer, Tegan was talking about all the ‘bad songs’ she had been writing recently.

Then we get this:

So yeah, get excited. We’re getting a new album! Even in the early stages, it’s comforting to learn that the mothers of indie-pop music are hard at work again. Their resilience this far into a 24-year long career is nothing short of inspirational.

Last week, with their once-iconic mullets aside, T&S released a re-imagined version of ‘Where Does the Good Go.’ Poised several keys higher than the original, Tegan sings lead on a tranquil update of the classic single. The calmer, well-put-together Tegan and Sara of today sing what sounds like a cover, written by the edgy yet angstier versions of themselves.

Right now, Tegan and Sara seem immune and unbothered by music industry pressure; putting out whatever content they please in a way that works for them. And maybe it’s simpler that way.

Did anyone ever find out where does the good go? The age-old question. If so, let us know. Which version of the song did you prefer? Tweet us @thehoneypop or tell us in the comments below!

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Featured Image Source: Mark Sommerfeld for The New York Times

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