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ATEEZ Are Still ‘Dreamers’ With Their Japanese Single

ATEEZ Are Still ‘Dreamers’ With Their Japanese Single

ATEEZ not only released their first-ever Japanese single but ‘Dreamers’ is actually the perfect song for this summer. The group has already had a couple of Japanese releases but this is the first single. They made their Japanese debut in late 2019 and have had two Japanese comebacks since then with their more recent one being their full-length album, Into the A to Z, from earlier this year. But this release does feel a bit more special.

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Image source: Music Video for ‘Dreamers’


In ‘Dreamers,’ ATEEZ seem to go back to a sound reminiscent of their 2019 summer release, ‘Wave.’ It’s a song perfect for the summer and the beach with a somewhat tropical feel to it. Not only do the lyrics talk about following your dreams and encourage listeners to keep dreaming, but the music itself feels bright and inspiring. And also it gives off a feeling of unity and mutual support. What’s funny is that the song is actually going to be the OST for Digimon, which we’re sure is a dream come true for them. It’s amazing to see that three years after their debut, ATEEZ keep achieving more and more and never stop aiming higher. It’s something truly inspiring to see.

The music video compliments ‘Dreamers’ perfectly with its colorful and bright scenery. The visuals of every member are incredible in this music video as they filmed in a forest, a field, and at the beach. It’s hopeful and carefree and gives off a vibe of comfort. And honestly, between the message of the song and the chemistry between the member, it’s simply so wholesome and hopeful. It’s something we needed.

The b-sides

Now, even though ‘Dreamers’ is a single and it did come with a couple of b-sides – including the instrumental version of the song. We also got the acoustic version of their Japanese song: ‘Still Here,’ which was released earlier this year in their first full-length Japanese album. The original version of the song is already very guitar-based, so it makes the acoustic version all the more interesting music-wise. It does take a different spin on the song giving it a more laid-back vibe with an incredible acoustic guitar as the main track. Overall, this version of ‘Still Here’ feels way more summery and chill. A perfect version to complement ‘Dreamers’.

But more importantly, the official b-side to ‘Dreamers’ in ATEEZ‘s first Japanese single album is ‘Blue Summer.’ Now, you may have guessed it: it fits the summer vibe perfectly. However, this is a very different song from ‘Dreamers.’ This track feels nostalgic and bittersweet as they sing about feeling lost yet wanting to get better and find their way. As the song progresses, it does get more hopeful. When it comes to the sound of the song, it is very based on bass especially the chorus that will surprise you for sure. This is a song that can feel misleading in the best way possible. It has that Ateez flare that is impossible to duplicate.

Image source: music video for ‘Dreamers’

This release only makes us more excited for what’s to come for ATEEZ because they keep surprising us and getting better at what they do. But for the moment, we’ll enjoy this release that made our summer so much better.

What did you think of ATEEZ’s music video for ‘Dreamers?’ What’s your favorite Japanese song by ATEEZ? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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