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Luke Hemmings Made Our Hearts Glitch with ‘Motion’ Music Video

Luke Hemmings Made Our Hearts Glitch with ‘Motion’ Music Video

Luke Hemmings Motion MV

Luke Hemmings, what a talented man! We still couldn’t get used to him announcing big news out of nowhere but we are not complaining. As soon as this man keeps blessing our ears and eyes with his incredible talent, we will be happy. 

Luke Hemmings announced his new single ‘Motion’ one week ago and it didn’t take so long for him to announce the music video for his second single. The music video seems like it confused 5SOS Fam a lot and everyone has brilliant theories of their own. Honestly, as THP, we think that this is proof of how genius the music video was. So, come join us and let’s take a closer look at Luke Hemmings’ new music video for ‘Motion.’

‘Motion’ Official Video. Tomorrow 2pm PT”

If you were wondering why every 5SOS stan was yelling to Luke on Wednesday night, this was the reason. Luke Hemmings gave us another massive heart attack by announcing the music video of ‘Motion.’ To be honest, we were expecting this announcement to be out of nowhere just like his other announcements but still, it caught us off guard. While watching the trailer, we noticed that it was going to have a whole different vibe than the ‘Starting Line’ music video. The trailer was 30 seconds long, but it was enough to hype us. 

First Look At ‘Motion’ Music Video

About the video of his second precious child, Luke Hemmings said: “I love this video. It was such a pleasure to work with fellow Aussie and director Kris Moyes. He worked with my vision for this video and took it way beyond what I thought it could be. Hope you enjoy it! ❤️.” Just like ‘Starting Line,’ ‘Motion’ takes us on a special trip to Luke’s mind both with the song itself and the music video. It looks like Luke poured his heart and mind into his debut solo project When Facing The Things We Turn Away From, and we can see that it is going to be very personal. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us in such a beautiful way, Luke! We appreciate it.

We are not the only ones who were blown away by the ‘Motion’ music video, it appears. The director of the music video Kris Moyes says, “With the help of Luke’s highly organized creative mind and my heroic, ever-patient producer, we created something really special; to me, the work feels like we are in the point of view of a young Heidegger swaying in the motions of meaning and time.” The whole team is proud of what they have made and we can’t blame them. It was mind-blowing! 

As soon as we heard ‘Motion,’ we knew the vibe was different from Luke’s debut single ‘Starting Line’ and the music video has created a bigger gap. While ‘Starting Line’ was focusing on harsh reality with clean cinematic images, the ‘Motion’ music video portrays the strongly distorted realities that live in our minds and how seriously they might affect the way we experience our lives. Deep, isn’t it?

The glitches in the video play a huge part in making us see how devastating life can become sometimes, especially when you feel like you are losing control over it. Of course, there are countless other ways to read what the music video symbolizes and this is what it makes so brilliant in an artistic form. So far, the fans are thinking When Facing The Things We Turn Away From will have a coming-of-age theme with heavily personalized aspects by Luke, judging by the first two singles. Either way, we are so proud of Luke Hemmings and how far he has come as a musician. 

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The next step is probably going to be the album. Thankfully, we know its release date, so it won’t be a surprise to our poor hearts. When Facing The Things We Turn Away From will be out on August 13, we couldn’t be more excited about it! Don’t forget to pre-order the album!

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