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We’ve Got A Crush On Lauran Hibberd’s EP Goober

We’ve Got A Crush On Lauran Hibberd’s EP Goober

Don’t panic – Goober is finally here! Lauran Hibberd is back with her sophomore EP and when we tell you it’s incredible, we mean it.

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After a long few months of anticipation, new singles and song teasing, we think every Lauran Hibberd stan is ready to play Goober all the way through and take in the incredible songs, and that’s just what we have done. We have just about had Lauran’s debut EP, Everything is Dogs, on repeat for so long, and we can’t wait to do the exact same with Goober.


Goober opens with the most recent single, ‘Bleugh.’ The English spoken-word verses and classic Lauran vibe is just everything we need and more. ‘Bleugh’ is a song you need to shout and we have definitely been doing that since its release. We went into depth about how amazing the song is here.

‘Old Nudes’

‘Bleugh’ is followed by ‘Old Nudes.’ The song is all about past mistakes and addressing them in the funniest way. The song touches on someone whose face is “letting down the human race” (amazing btw) and storing some cheeky photos of Lauran on their old iPhone 3. The track is hilarious and upbeat – we love it.

‘Boy Bye’

‘Boy Bye’ is next – we are definitely singing bye boy bye. The tune is another upbeat banger, and we can confirm we don’t need a man after listening to it. The music video shows only powerful women and that’s all we need. We love how the song shows the realistic side of wanting someone in an unhealthy relationship, and it addresses how hard it can be to make decisions about that relationship. But at the end of the day, bye boy.

‘How Am I Still Alive?’

Next, we have the hit single ‘How Am I Still Alive?‘ featuring The Regrettes’ – Lydia Night. The song is a loved classic by the fans, and by us of course. The song was produced by Suzy Shinn, who has worked with the likes of Fall Out Boy and Dua Lipa. The vocals and work from Lauran Hibberd and Night are absolutely amazing and admirable here. The song is the perfect song to rock out to, plus if you love Michael Cera – it’s the one for you.

‘You Never Looked So Cool’

Now for a new song! ‘You Never Looked So Cool’ is all about a dream Lauran had where she attended her own funeral. The slowed-down song is perfect to listen to after dancing to all her previous songs. It makes us want to hold our phone torches in the air and sway. We can tell this is a song we will listen to as we stare out of a car window and pretend we’re in a movie.


Finally, the EP finishes with ‘Crush’ – seems quite fitting since we definitely have a crush on Lauran Hibberd and the new EP! The track is another fun song that we want to leave on repeat whilst we dance to it. We love the guitar and vocals and it is the perfect song to end the amazing experience of listening to Goober.

We are insanely proud of Lauran Hibberd’s work and we’re so excited for the world to hear Goober.

Image Source via Rebecca Need-Menear

You can catch Lauran playing festivals over the summer, as well as her tour in autumn, where we can hear all of her new songs in the flesh!

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Stream Goober right now, right here! You can also order Goober merch and vinyls here!

What song is your favourite? Will you be attending Lauran’s tour? Comment down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Goober EP Cover Art via Clarion Call Media

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