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5 Things We’d Love To See At An Olivia Rodrigo Concert

5 Things We’d Love To See At An Olivia Rodrigo Concert

We all love a good concert and Olivia Rodrigo has had a fantastic year so far; from her instant hit ‘Driver’s License‘ to her debut album’s tremendous success and a concert film. We think it’s safe to say that she is at the top of the world right now. There is one thing she has yet to do yet though, go on tour! But not for long, as it’s been reported she will, in spring of 2022! So in honor of this great news, here are 5 things we’d love to see at an Olivia Rodrigo concert.

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Taylor Swift Cover(s)

It’s no secret that Olivia is heavily influenced and inspired by Taylor Swift‘s career, creating a fan HQ like hers, channeling her inner Tay with song written from the heart, and even sampling a Taylor song, on her debut album Sour. So we would love to see her cover some of Taylor’s songs. In fact, we’re sure Tay-tay wouldn’t mind giving her blessing. Olivia has repeatedly talked about how she’s been a Taylor fan since before she hit her double digits, so it would be cool to see her sing some of her faves from Ms. Swift. 

Cute Photo-ops For Instagram

The Sour era has been full of iconic looks and settings, from the lyrics, to the music videos and concert film. Wouldn’t it be so cool to have a cute stand with a background for Instagram photos, like “driving down Malibu” or even the balloons from Sour Prom? We sure think so! Maybe even a background of the gym from the ‘good 4 u’ video? We’re thinking a cut out of Olivia with a few headless cheerleader bodies, so we can all insert our heads, and suddenly we’re right there in the video with her! It would be a great visual memory to take away, and proof we were at the tour! We’ll still be showing everyone years down the line, as Olivia will undoubtedly still be rocking it in the years to come.

Sour Prom Theme

It’s no secret that prom is a huge part of the aesthetic of the Sour album, so why not let that carry over to the tour as well. Just imagine walking into the venue, and seeing the stage decked out in prom decorations and a cute prom photo background! The concert programs could even be like prom invitations, and any Meet and Greet settings could be filled with prom balloons! The possibilities are endless. Also, please can Olivia perform in a prom dress at the beginning for all the sad songs, and then rip it off to sing all the high-energy songs; we would love to see that play out. Olivia, please hire us for your creative team, we’ve got all the best ideas!

Songs From HSMTMTS

Then, of course, in addition to the songs from Sour, we fell in love with Olivia’s voice first on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, where she plays Nina Salazar. So it would be amazing to hear some of those songs at an Olivia Rodrigo Concert too! Not to mention, it would definitely put us in our feels, and give us a reason to re-watch all two seasons of the show to prepare for the tour. Sour is excellent, but HSMTMTS will always have such a special place in our hearts.

Guest Performers At Different Dates

Going back to being inspired by Taylor Swift, back in 2015, when she was on tour for her album 1989, Taylor would have guests at particular stops on tour, including Fetty Wap, Mick Jagger, Shawn Mendes, and many more. It’s such a special addition to any tour. So our vote is for Olivia to do the same! Olivia is currently at the top of the world and has plenty of famous artist friends who we’re sure would love to help Olivia out if she decides to do this. Imagine the possible guests! We’re manifesting Conan Gray, her cast mates from HSMTMTS, maybe even Madison Hu from Bizaardvark! So many options that everyone will enjoy. 

What are you hoping to see from Olivia Rodrigo on tour? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP

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Featured Image Source: Max Farago for W Magazine

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