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Dreamcatcher Make Their Summer Comeback With ‘BEcause’

Dreamcatcher Make Their Summer Comeback With ‘BEcause’

Dreamcatcher is back for a summer comeback with Summer Holiday and its title track: ‘BEcause.’ And if you thought that meant they were going for a bright and cute concept because it’s summer, you couldn’t be more wrong.

This new EP is their first comeback since the closure of the Dystopia series and is set to be an interlude before their new chapter. One thing’s for sure, even though it isn’t a bright comeback per se, this EP does feel very different from their previous releases. But it also sets them further as a staple and a group that we need in the industry.

Dreamcatcher proves to be different and refreshing every single time, taking their own spin to every concept out there. And even though this comeback is just an interlude, it is no exception to the rule.



This title track is definitely very different from Dreamcatcher’s previous release earlier this year. ‘Odd Eye‘ was bold, loud and very rock-oriented, and ‘BEcause’ is more subtle and minimalistic. You could say it’s bright but in a Dreamcatcher way. And they pulled off both of those like no one else would.

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‘BEcause’ has a carnival feel to it that makes this song so creepy somehow. Even though the song does feel more bright than previous releases, it does have some darkness hidden within it. The song might be more subtle but it still has some explosive parts like the pre-chorus and post-chorus, with its bold vocals and heavy guitar. As they sing about loving someone, it does feel like they trick you into a love that will last forever.

The bridge has a somewhat melancholic feel to it, but it builds perfectly to the instrumental break. And this bridge also leads us to why ‘BEcause’ is written the way it is. The last lyric of the bridge is “I don’t want to BE” and they’re actually singing the Chinese word 悲, pronounced “be,” that means “sad.” And so, it opens a double meaning of the song overall.

Now, let’s talk music video because how couldn’t we? They keep stepping up with the way they display their concepts and their storylines. Between the scenes in a hotel and the scenery of an abandoned carnival, the creepy vibe is there. It’s also worth mentioning that all the members pull off this concept wonderfully with their facial expressions.

The choreography fits the creepy vibe of the song perfectly as well. They play with the idea of being puppets throughout. Yet, the dance break lead by SuA feels strong and powerful. And their styling in this era seems to fit so well their concept, with the doll-like dresses.

This concept is something that Dreamcatcher have never tried before, but we’re so glad they did now, because it’s better than we could have ever dreamed of.

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What makes this comeback so special is that it allowed for the group to experiment with different sounds. In other words, some of the b-sides are truly something we’ve never seen from them before.

The album opens, like always, with an intro track that starts off with an acoustic guitar and the sound effects of someone entering a room. It then turns in this brighter and carnival-like music, announcing the creepy yet bright vibe of ‘BEcause’ perfectly.

However, as soon as ‘BEcause’ ends, Dreamcatcher serves us ‘Airplane,’ a bright and summery song. Sticking nonetheless to their rock influence, the song is fun and carefree. The lyrics talk about escaping and going away, showing a new and refreshing side of the group. The following track, ‘Whistle,’ also has a very summery vibe to it. The acoustic guitar in the intro, the EDM elements and the whistle tune make this love song so addicting. As they ask for someone to stay, the song does feel kind of nostalgic, melancholic and not all happy. With its summer anthem-like production, ‘Whistle’ is not such a simple and upfront track as you may think.

On the other hand, we have ‘Alldaylong’ which sees the participation of the leader of Dreamcatcher, JiU, in the writing of the lyrics. This fifth track is the retro 80s song we were all hoping they would one day do, because of course they would pull it off perfectly. The lyrics are about falling in love and it feels bright with the groovy bass at the back. And another great thing about this track is how it showcases a more soft side of their vocals. 

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Summer Holiday closes off with ‘A Heart of Sunflower’ – a powerful ballad that builds up thanks to their vocals in this grand heartfelt track. The lyrics are heartbreaking as they sing about breaking up with someone that doesn’t love them anymore, while they’re still in love. This closing track could be simply perfect for an OST, and there’s no better way to describe this song than with that.


Summer Holiday and ‘BEcause’ are just a break from Dreamcatcher’s storyline and we’re so happy they decided to do something like this, as it allowed them to explore new things. Even though Dreamcatcher‘s discography has always been diverse, these tracks are definitely an incredible addition to the list of masterpieces in their albums. And with this release, it’s impossible to know what they have in store for us next.

How much did you love ‘BEcause’? What was your favorite song in Summer Holiday? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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