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It’s A Perfect World With These TWICE Tracks

It’s A Perfect World With These TWICE Tracks

TWICE’s recent Japanese album, Perfect World is so memorable, we can’t get over it!

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From top to bottom, each track could’ve easily stood on their own, making this album a certified no skip album according to us here at THP. There is a variety of different sounds coming from the album, you have some party songs, chill songs, and also songs to cry to. Don’t even get us started on the amazing vocals coming from the group for each track. Someone please tell TWICE to calm down, our hearts can’t take it anymore.

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In honor of TWICE’s latest release, we decided to put together a list of TWICE tracks that just make the world go ‘round. But since we already made you a ’10 TWICE Songs You Absolutely Need In Your Playlist,’ this list will focus specifically on tracks that were released this year, because there were so many iconic TWICE tracks that have come out this year so far.

‘Perfect World’

We had to obviously start our list off with ‘Perfect World.’ Apart from it having the same name as the album, we think it was the perfect title track, it really helps set the listeners up for what’s to come in the rest of the album. As soon as we hit play, we were hooked.

‘Strawberry Moon’

‘Strawberry Moon’ is a track that fans were hoping to see included on Perfect World, and honestly we loved the album as is, but thinking about how great of a track ‘Strawberry Moon’ is, it wouldn’t have hurt to include it. Nonetheless we will be streaming both the album and track as they deserve.


“Cause baby we’re a scandal” just the delivery of that line, along with the beat of this track, it easily stood out amongst the rest. There isn’t enough words to describe how obsessed we are with ‘Scandal.’ It’s possibly our favorite TWICE release this year.

‘Good At Love’

‘Good At Love’ seriously shows the girls in a different light, as this track is different than previous releases. Most of them are using their vocals in new ways that ONCE aren’t used to, but everyone including us are loving the change and versatility. We are hoping for a music video just to see what direction it will go.

‘First Time’

Want to hear the best of TWICE’s vocals, ‘First Time’ proudly shows off the groups’ talents and oh so sweet vocals. It also has cute lyrics, which are very catchy. The track was co-written by Jade from Little Mix, and now that we know they have connections, we need more collabs please!


Okay we may need to add this to our TWICE songs that make us cry playlist, because it did just that. ‘PROMISE’ is a song dedicated to ONCE (we believe), so after re-listening while thinking about that, it made us cry even more. A lot of ONCE’s are also saying it’s similar to ‘Be as ONE’ and we totally agree, so if you love that track you will absolutely love ‘PROMISE.’

This was so hard trying to pick our fave releases this year so far, but somehow we all made it out in the end. You can stream Perfect World, here!

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So what track was your favorite off of Perfect World? Which was your fave on our list? Tell us in the comments down below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and talk to us over on Facebook and Instagram!

Want more TWICE? Don’t worry we got you covered!


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