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We Are Serving Up New Music Friday On A Silver Platter

We Are Serving Up New Music Friday On A Silver Platter

It’s our favorite time of the week once more! New Music Friday is here, which means it’s time to geek out with you guys over the best in new music! From The Knocks, to Bailey Baum, we’ve got it all.

Yola – Stand For Myself

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Image Source: Easy Eye Sound

Stream Stand For Myself here!

Firstly, every track on Stand For Myself is beyond stellar. Yola has one of those voices that is hard to come by. The four-time GRAMMY nominee has created a beautifully cohesive body of work that can turn anyone into a fan!

Bailey Baum – Over It

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Image Source: Tallulah PR

Stream Over It here!

We have been huge fans of Bailey Baum ever since checking out her track ‘Bad For Me.’ As far as EP’s go, Over It is as good as they come! ‘Not Missing You’ is an early favorite track of ours!

Desanka – ‘Fight Like A Girl’

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Image Source: NTA Talent

Stream ‘Fight Like A Girl’ here!

‘Fight Like A Girl’ is pure pop-perfection. The track is bubbly and so upbeat yet has such incredible lyrical content. Desanka is definitely an artist to watch, we’re looking forward to an EP or an album, hopefully, to come soon.

Catt McCreary – ‘Good For Me’

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Stream ‘Good For Me’ here!

Catt McCreary is the real deal. Her music reminds us of the vibes we get from artists like Tate McRae and Olivia O’Brien. ‘Good For Me’ is all about those bad decisions that feel so good. We can relate all too hard.

Jack Jupiter – Little Tokyo, 2019

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Image Source: Courtesy of Jack Jupiter

Stream Little Toyko, 2019 here!

What an incredibly beautiful album Little Toyko, 2019 is. Jack Jupiter has a voice that we could listen to all day which is showcased perfectly throughout the entire record. Our favorite track is ‘Are We Gonna Make It.’

Tom King – ‘Hollow’

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Image Source: ATC

Stream ‘Hollow’ here!

Wow! Tom King has such a breathtaking voice. We got full-body chills listening to ‘Hollow.’ Tom hits these notes throughout the entire track, that just blew us away. We can see ourselves crying to this quite often!

Michy Tree – ‘The Wire’

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Image Source: l.gaudin via Instagram

Stream ‘The Wire’ here!

All hail our new alt-pop queen! We are getting all the early 2000s vibes from ‘The Wire.’ We can tell just from this first listen that ‘The Wire’ is going to be a song that we won’t be able to get enough of. Anyone who is actively bringing this sound back into the mainstream is going to be praised by us.

TARYN – ‘Brand New’

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Image Source: Tallulah PR

Stream ‘Brand New’ here!

Those snaps at the beginning, are you kidding?! TARYN has a voice that is made for indie-pop music. Everything with her voice and the sound of the actual music, flows perfectly.

Ali Comerford – Knots

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Image Source: Shane Hatton

Stream Knots here!

We have been waiting to include Knots in a New Music Friday round-up and the time is finally here. Every single track is unbelievably incredible, but we think the title track, ‘Knots,’ takes the cake as our favorite.

The Knocks feat. Rivers Cuomo & Royal & The Serpent – ‘Sound The Alarm’

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Image Source: Neon Gold & Big Bear Records

Stream ‘Sound The Alarm’ here!

The collaboration to end all collaborations! We will not have a night out without ‘Sound The Alarm’ being on the pre-game playlist ever again. Each of these artists fit so perfectly together. You have to wonder why they haven’t always been collaborating!

Cali Rodi – ‘SIKE’

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Image Source: Good Ones Music

Stream ‘SIKE’ here!

Summer is in full swing, and ‘SIKE’ is the perfect song to match those vibes. Cali Rodi is an artist that, just from ‘SIKE,’ we’ve decided to stan permanently. What absolute pop-perfection.

Faouzia – ‘Hero’ (Michael Calfan Remix)

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Image Source: Atlantic Records

Stream ‘Hero’ here!

We have loved ‘Hero’ since we first heard it, the Michael Calfan remix has only enhanced that! Michael has made ‘Hero’ a complete dance track that we can see being played at every club out there. We thought it would be hard to top Faouzia’s original release, with her incredible style, but this remix has taken ‘Hero’ to stratospheric levels!

Aidan Bissett – ‘So High’

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Image Source: Capitol Records

Stream ‘So High’ here!

The rumors are true, we have been listening to this on repeat for two straight hours. What an absolute jam! Aidan Bissett is an artist that everyone needs to be paying attention to. We have a feeling this is only the beginning of his genius artistry.

Molly Moore – ‘Do They?’

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Image Source: Press Here PR

Stream ‘Do They?’ here!

If you’re looking for pop music done in a way that you haven’t heard before, look no further than ‘Do They?’ by Molly Moore. ‘Do They?’ is a song we’ve revisited so many times since our initial listen, truly captivating.

Ayokay – ‘Better With You’

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Image Source: Columbia Records

Stream ‘Better With You’ here!

It’s here!! We have new ayokay music this New Music Friday for all of you! We’ve loved everything ayokay has ever put out and of course, ‘Better With You’ kept that streak up! We can’t wait to listen to this track while driving with the windows down.

Dallask feat. Lauv – ‘Try Again’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Dallask Feat. Lauv”]

Image Source: Revealed Recordings

Stream ‘Try Again’ here!

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We’re simple people. If Lauv is on a track, then we’re listening. Dallask and Lauv have found this perfect sweet spot in between both of their sounds in ‘Try Again,’ and it’s a smash. One of our favorites from this week’s New Music Friday.


[apple_music_ad artist=”MALACHIII”]

Image Source: Motown Records

Stream ‘Love Me’ here!

If you’re looking for a new artist to fall in love with, allow us to introduce you to Malachiii. We are getting all of The Weeknd vibes from ‘Love Me,’ and we are here for it! We can see this song blowing up.

George O’Hanlon – The Storm

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Image Source: Harvest Records

Stream The Storm here!

If you’re looking for an album to fall in love with on this New Music Friday, look no further than The Storm! George O’Hanlon is one of the best artists around right now and makes pure magic. Every track from The Storm is a homerun.

BAD CHILD – ‘Royalty’ (No Love For The Middle Child Remix)

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Image Source: Capitol Records

Stream ‘Royalty’ here!

This remix is absolutely stellar! BAD CHILD nailed making the No Love For The Middle Child remix of ‘Royalty,’ feel larger than life. We didn’t think ‘Royalty’ could get any better, but then we were proven wrong.

Kelli Faith – ‘Feels Like Home’

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Image Source: Abby Clare

Stream ‘Feels Like Home’ here!

We love how bright ‘Feels Like Home’ is. You instantly get put in the best mood when Kelli Faith starts singing. Having a person that feels like home is something we all strive for, and Kelli paints a picture of what that feels like perfectly.

The Overtones – 10

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Image Source: Warner Bros Pictures

Stream 10 here!

When it comes to 10, it’s all about ‘Rose Tinted.’ We haven’t been able to turn this song off! We want to be on a road trip with this track glaring out our speakers. The Overtones never fail to exceed every expectation we have.

AVIV & OCTAVIO the Dweeb – ‘Black Coffee’

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Image Source: Photo Finish Records

Stream ‘Black Coffee’ here!

We are ending New Music Friday on the highest note! ‘Black Coffee’ is such a dope song and has made us forever fans of AVIV. We could see ourselves riding top-down in the city at night screaming the words to this one.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track from our New Music Friday round-up? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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