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All Time Low And Pale Waves Understand Our ‘PMA’ (Post Modern Anxiety)

All Time Low And Pale Waves Understand Our ‘PMA’ (Post Modern Anxiety)

All Time Low is known for bringing us nothing but hit songs. Just take a look at their musical career, it speaks for itself! Even a global pandemic couldn’t slow these icons down. They released their latest album Wake Up, Sunshine early last year and have continued to bless us with new tunes ever since. Most recently, All Time Low and Pale Waves teamed up to bring us ‘PMA,’ aka Post Modern Anxiety and it’s a track you don’t wanna miss.

All Time Low and Pale Waves ‘PMA’

‘PMA’ sums up our feelings about the last year better than we ever could.

Time to face up to the inevitable
I guess I might be losing it from staying at home

Safe to say I know I’m not the only one
And I don’t have time for all this time I’m wasting

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Uhhh, how accurate is that? It’s pretty clear that the pandemic took a pretty big toll on all of us and ‘PMA’ really encompasses those emotions. All Time Low and Pale Waves did a great job on this track and we’re definitely going to have it on repeat while we contemplate and process all of our feelings. Speaking of Pale Waves, how amazing is Heather Baron-Gracie’s voice on this track? The Pale Waves lead singer lent her vocals to ‘PMA’ and we can’t get over how wonderfully they compliment Alex’s. They blend together so beautifully and are highlighted by the high energy guitar and drumbeats backing the track. We can’t wait to hear this one live and we wonder if Heather will be making an appearance at any of the tour dates. You can get tickets for that here and find out for yourself.

All Time Low and Pale Waves

We have to say, All Time Low does collabs so well. Before we wrap this up we just wanted to shoutout some more of our favorite All Time Low collabs. Don’t forget to stream All Time Low and Pale Waves though! Show ‘PMA’ some love!

‘Favorite Place’ Ft. The Band CAMINO

This song just tugs at our heartstrings in all the right ways. Not only are the vocals and production of this track phenomenal, but it just gives you that fuzzy, feel good feeling. The Band CAMINO was definitely the right choice for a collab on this track. It’s a declaration of love with a flourish and we can only hope that someone would feel this way about us one day, wanting to “close the space between us” and dive right in. For that reason, we just had to include this one on our list.

‘Ground Control’ Ft. Tegan & Sara

All Time Low teamed up with Tegan & Sara for this fire collab and we’re so glad they did. We absolutely love the space themed imagery the song creates and how it becomes a metaphor for trying to stay grounded while feeling like you’re floating away. Tegan & Sara were the perfect choice for this track and we’re glad we get to enjoy this masterpiece.

‘Tidal Waves’ Ft. Mark Hoppus

To us, getting to work with All Time Low would be the equivalent of them working with Mark Hoppus. Imagine getting the chance to collaborate with an artist you’ve been inspired by your whole life. We have a feeling that All Time Low knows that feeling well. ‘Tidal Waves’ is a fantastic track that draws out all kinds of emotions and Mark Hoppus takes the track to the next level. It makes us happy to see our faves getting a chance to work with one of their faves!

‘Monsters’ Ft. blackbear

This track was the All Time Low track for most of 2020 and 2021, so of course we had to include this stellar collab. No matter how many times we’ve heard it, we can never get sick of it! blackbear’s feature is perfect for the style of this track and it’s catchy as hell. Though we must admit, it has been fun getting to see Alex perform blackbear’s rap during their live performances. This collab is another one that has us wondering whether we’ll see it performed on stage with its featured artist! Only time will tell.

From All Time Low and Pale Waves, to all of their other collabs, we just can’t get enough of this band! Whether it’s a collab or just them on the track, we know we’re going to get hit songs from All Time Low no matter what. What do you think of ‘PMA?’ Who do you want to see All Time Low collab with in the future one day? 5SOS, we’re looking at you. Let us know in the comments below or come buzz with us on Twitter or over at The Hive! We love chatting about our faves with all of you <3

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