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Fresh Single From UPSAHL: ‘Time of my Life’

Fresh Single From UPSAHL: ‘Time of my Life’

Sometimes the highest highs and the lowest lows happen all at once, and no one knows this better than UPSAHL. The L.A.-based artist’s latest single, ‘Time of my Life’ from Arista Records, tackles the theme of self-reflection as she thinks back on her past. Let’s dive into this dangerously catchy alt-pop track.

The Music

‘Time of my Life’ opens with UPSAHL’s voice backed by a moody bassline, suggesting that the party is only just getting started. Although the beat is straightforward, to begin with, it becomes funkier and more trap-influenced in the bridge, and a touch of synth adds a retro flavor to the choruses. Still, UPSAHL’s voice is the main event throughout. She’s larger than life on this new single, thanks to layered vocal tracks enhanced with a splash of reverb. From start to finish, the sonic atmosphere of ‘Time of my Life’ is too-cool-for-school, but the lyrics deliver a wise message to anyone paying close attention.

Image Source: Andrew Zaeh via Vanyaland

The Lyrics

We will never not be amazed at the hooks UPSAHL comes up with. When discussing the process of writing ‘Time of my Life,’ she said, “The day we wrote this song, I had the line: “How come all the worst days are in the time of my life?” dancing around in my head… So we ended up making that the chorus and building the rest of the song around it.” Well, the plan certainly worked.

The verses and pre-choruses capture what it’s like to go through the motions in life, even when you’re supposed to be having fun. Sometimes going to parties, meeting new people, and doing whatever everyone else is doing, just doesn’t feel right. Sometimes the worst moments happen when you should be having the time of your life. Summing up feelings like these is what UPSAHL does best, and she’s hit yet another home run with ‘Time of my Life.’

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The Video

The music video for ‘Time of my Life’ takes place both in the present and the past. We see young UPSAHL at her birthday party, adult UPSAHL out with friends, and the present-day singer reflecting on those memories in the shower. She worked with director George Gallardo Kattah to create a music video that not only pairs perfectly with the song, but also tells a story of its own.

UPSAHL explained, “For the music video, George, the director, and I really wanted to emphasize the nostalgia that this song sparks. Personally, I feel like some of my most reflective moments are in the shower, so we wanted the video to take place there, while flashing back to some of the best and worst moments of my life. We wanted it to feel very dramatic and introspective, so we shot the video on a high-speed camera at 60-1000 frames per second to make it all look like it’s moving in slow motion.”

But Wait, There’s More!

We’re buzzing with excitement because we get to hear ‘Time of my Life’ again in October as part of UPSAHL’s debut album. She will also be opening for Olivia O’Brien this fall in cities across the U.S. Then, on October 12, UPSAHL will be playing a headline show at the Courtyard Theatre in London. You can find more details about tour dates and tickets here.

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