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Here’s Why We Think ‘Lying’ By Dan & Shay Is The Sister Track To ‘Tequila’

Here’s Why We Think ‘Lying’ By Dan & Shay Is The Sister Track To ‘Tequila’

Dan & Shay are one of the greatest country duos in the industry right now. As 3x GRAMMY winners, they’ve more than earned their rightful place at the top of the list as one of country music’s hottest artists, and managed to steal our hearts all at the same time.

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They’ve been busy bees this year as they prepare for their next album, Good Things, to drop in August. It’s rumored to be their best album yet, and with the release of their latest single ‘Lying,’ we’re inclined to believe the rumors are true!

Upon first listen, the song sounds like a happy and upbeat tune (and it is! It makes us feel good, and we love to dance to it), but once you get to the close of the song and pay attention to the lyrics, it’s a bit sadder than what the punchy beats and hypnotic rhythm offer. They are singing about waking up every day and trying to convince themselves they are over their ex, while putting on a mask to hide the fact that they aren’t. We fell in love with it instantly and the accompanying music video. Who doesn’t love a good line dance over some piano-banjo music? We know we do! Speaking of the banjo, that is a nice touch, fellas! Not only did we fall in love with this track instantly, but we also started picking up some similarities and connections to an earlier Dan & Shay song, their 2018 hit song ‘Tequila.’

Before we get into that, check out the new song and video below, and then go stream the single here!

Now that you’ve listened to the song – let’s dive into the reasoning behind why we think ‘Lying’ is the sister track to ‘Tequila,’ whether it’s a prequel or a sequel is up for you to decide!

Reason One: What’s that? You’ll take tequila? Coming right up!

When Shay walks into the bar, the first thing he does is sit down on a barstool and order a tequila, and at the end of the ‘Tequila’ music video, the last thing that happened was the guy walked up to the bar and ordered tequila! Coincidence? Maybe, but we doubt it! The song is also literally called ‘Tequila,’ so that’s a big ‘YOOHOO!’ flag. This also shows us that he is either trying to drink tequila to prove to himself and others that he’s over the other person, or that he believes he is over the other person enough to start drinking tequila again. But we can see through that façade, my guy. The ‘Tequila’ video also ended like a movie/tv show would end, if there was going to be a sequel – leaving most of us wondering what could happen next.

Reason Two: Those First Lines Of Lyrics Speak Louder Then Well… Words

‘Tequila’ starts with the line “I can still shut down a party, I can hang with anybody,” and wouldn’t you know it, ‘Lying’ starts with a similar set of lines: “If I show up at a party and see you with somebody.” We mean, that’s so in your face obvious that it was easy to make the connection.

Reason Three: Take It Away, Piano Man!

In both ‘Tequila’ and ‘Lying,’ one half of the duo is playing the piano, quite phenomenally, might we add, which is actually pretty common in Dan & Shay’s songs. But trust us here, it’s connected! It’s not the same piano seeing as they “burnt” the one in the ‘Tequila’ video, but it’s very prominent in both videos.

Reason Four: Keeping The Memory Alive With Lyrical Themes

The theme of the lyrics throughout both of these songs is so spot on! For example, in ‘Tequila’ we got this line: “I can kiss somebody brand new and not even think about you / I can show up to the same bar, hear the same songs in my car / Baby, your memory it only hits me this hard.” And in ‘Lying’ we get: “I wake up in the morning, it’s a beautiful day / Put on another “I’m already over you” face / Smile in the mirror-like I ain’t going through hell / Keep telling myself I don’t miss you in my bed / I don’t hear you in my head I don’t love you / I’m just tryna keep on tellin’ myself.

It’s very obvious that this ex lives in this man’s head rent-free, only now it’s not just while he’s drunk from tequila, it’s all the time despite his best efforts to mask his feelings. Also, we know you guys remember that scene from the ‘Tequila’ video, of the two actors spicing things up in the bedroom, “I don’t miss you in my bed.” I think we’ve made our point here. Also, “Swearin’ on a bible” from ‘Tequila’ and “cross my heart” from ‘Lying’ are both gestures that mean the same thing: promises made. These types of similarities continue throughout both songs, so folks, we’ve come full circle. 

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We’re sure you can decipher the rest of the clues on your own to find the connection between the two songs, but while you pick them out, tell us your thoughts! What do you think of the new Dan and Shay song? Do you think the songs are connected? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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