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Take It ‘Nice and Easy’ With American Authors

Take It ‘Nice and Easy’ With American Authors

American Authors is having so much fun with ‘Nice and Easy.’ Though the summery single was released over a month ago, they’ve kept the hype going with a bunch of funky remixes. The latest is a banjo-driven acoustic, reminiscent of their earlier folk sound. “The song is a reminder to slow it down and get back to the basics of living life to your full potential,” noted Zac Barnett, American Authors’ lead vocalist.

Wow, that was immediately relaxing. It’s like the song is just inviting you to relax, rejuvenate, and really appreciate it as the sonic masterpiece it is. Its stripped-back nature exudes self-care and places Zac and Mark’s raw vocals front and center. Can’t you just imagine yourself kicked back on a chaise, AirPods in, ‘Nice and Easy Acoustic’s’ soothingly upbeat groove providing the soundtrack to your me-day?

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We did mention there was more than one remix, though.

The Crossover Episode No One Was Expecting

That’s what Hailey Berlynn called American Authors’ first ‘Nice and Easy’ remix, at least. It resides on the opposite end of the same awesomeness spectrum as the acoustic, since Guy Fieri of all people is featured on it. Obviously this version’s got the same great message, but Guy’s background comments literally had us rolling on the floor laughing. It’s a comedy-gold meme-fest, with Guy promising to take us to Flavortown in the very first line. Oh and did we mention, there’s a whole-a*s cooking playlist to go along with it!

Honestly, part of us feels like this version is just a glitch in the simulation. Maybe we’re all just collectively hallucinating it. Either way, as Matthew Katsock puts it, “this is not the collab we deserve… It’s the collab we NEED!” and we couldn’t agree more. American Authors and Guy Fieri — name a more iconic duo, we won’t wait.

The OG Version Obviously Slaps Too

At its core, ‘Nice and Easy’ is a message of hope. No matter which version you listen to, that message remains the same.

We really wanted to make something fun while keeping our signature message of hope... When you listen to us, the goal is for you to leave feeling hopeful and in a better mood. The main thing we want is for you to go out and have fun. After the past year, I can see how much this band represents friendship, compassion, and good vibes all around.

Zac Barnett

With Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath adding that extra dimension, do yourself a favor and watch the video for the original song. We swear, you won’t regret it; it’s hilarious and totally relatable.

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Which version of ‘Nice and Easy’ is your favorite and why is it the Guy Fieri collab? Share your thoughts with us by tweeting @TheHoneyPop or visiting our Facebook page!

American Author fans can expect even more fun and uplifting music to come in the near future so stay tuned.


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