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The Bees Knees Summer Vibes Are On The Rise!

The Bees Knees Summer Vibes Are On The Rise!

The stars are shining bright on these hot summer nights! We got the perfect playlist for you here at THP this week with a great bunch of artists on the rise. Get your dose of sunshine with these bold pop numbers to road trip ballads and punk vibes. Let your hair loose and enjoy the light on your skin.

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Sophie And The Giants – ‘If I Don’t Break Your Heart, I’ll Break Mine’

Every time this Sheffield, England, band releases something, it’s impossible to resist them. It’s not surprising they are one of our rising artists this week. The bold pop aesthetic Sophie And The Giants create on ‘If I Don’t Break Your Heart I’ll Break Mine’ reminisces of their UK compatriots Pale Waves. We are craving these sweets. “So, where do we go from here?/Cause I don’t want to be alone/But I need to be alone,” sings Sophie Scott in the heartbreaking melodic song.

Love is so complicated that we need to appreciate ourselves first. Self-esteem is so important for our well-being. The emotions vibe solidly between the powerful notes reminiscing Florence And The Machine and the starstruck falsettos of CHVRCHES. The catchy synth-pop harmonies intertwined into it to make the perfect mix. This is a must-have on our playlist! We are obsessed with the track that you can stream here.

Lexi Berg – ‘Midnight Sun’

Since travel habits changed, let’s say we can do it through music. Sweden’s Lexi Berg first introduces her music to us with the song ‘Pieces Of A Woman’ catapulted to fame on Netflix’s What If series. Her new track, ‘Midnight Sun,’ is a delight for the ears. We can easily think of the musical witchcraft from Stevie Nicks mixed with the contemporary Folklore era’s Taylor Swift. “Come back together/For this one last dance/We’ll light a fire/End a lovers trance,” she croons, with all her sensibility, delicately haunting our minds. Take a trip to the Nordic lands with this dreamy melodies-infused song. You’ll be hooked to this on the rise artist of the week. Stream ‘Midnight Sun’ here!

Lola Young – Pill Or A Lullaby

We can’t thank Liam Payne enough for our first encounter with Lola Young. She’s on the rise, and she’s been on our radar since. With her sultry voice and such an explosion of talent, the British singer-songwriter emotional loops hit us hard. She’s on the brink to release the After Midnight EP. We are so excited to hear it. Her track ‘Pills or A Lullaby’ is relatable. We all have our dark sleepless nights someday. “I’m hiding from the sunrise/‘Cause it’s 5 a.m., and I’m running from the daylight“, she snaps powerfully in the chorus. The piano adds to the emotional throttle of the deep lyrics. It’s hard not to cry or ‘Ruin My Make Up’ when we listen to her thoughtful mind. Catch the sounds live on her forthcoming UK tour with Dermot Kennedy. You can find more details and stream the song here.

Misterwives- ‘Running In Place (Alternate Take)’

What do you do to celebrate a year anniversary? New York’s six-piece Misterwives unleashed a new take of their hit single ‘Running In Place.’ The temperature is on the rise with the dreamy riffs that catch the East Coast breeze. The track showcase pure indie romance guitar hums that become an absolute earworm. The upbeat rhythm brings joy and is a cute taster of what they can deliver in their recently released record SUPERBLOOM At The Live Dream that you can stream here. ‘Running In Place (Alternate Take)’ has this raw energy from the stage and radiates with the luminous beats. Get all the latest news and more of the band’s content on their official website.

Finn Matthews – Beautiful Stranger’

As Sam Smith once sings with Normani, we love ‘Dancing With A Stranger.’ What does it look like when we do with a ‘Beautiful Stranger?’ Fans Of Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran will love the romantic twist of the upbeat pop song from Finn Matthews. Along with the guitar-driven melody, he gives us a glimpse of life experience and teaches us a great lesson. It’s okay to let go of some people and take time for ourselves. Nothing lasts forever. You just have to appreciate the moment like the singer does in the video, watching his great memories. This self-production warms our hearts and soul. Perfect for your summer nights, stream ‘Beautiful Strangers’ here.

Larkin Poe And Nu Deco Ensemble – ‘ Every Bird That Flies (Live In Concert)’

Who fell in love with Harry Styles’ Fleetwood Mac’s cover of ‘The Chain?’ We were. Larkin Poe is on the rise high on our THP charts with that folk Americana soundscape on ‘Every Bird That Flies (Live version).’ We levitate at the beginning as the beautiful acapella notes submerge us. We missed the live feeling a lot! This first teaser from the upcoming album is a solid banger! The guitar slides so naturally in big crescendos, and the vocals hypnotize us.

Larkin Poe adds dramatic swirls to their songs around the orchestral arrangements, and we can’t wait to hear more! Paint The Roses, out this September, is available to pre-order here! It worths the click, especially for this single. You also need to pay attention to their incredible cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘She’s A Self-Made Man.’ If you are a fan of blues music, you should listen to it. Stream Larkin Poer and Nu Deco Ensemble track here!

George Moir – ‘Patio (LCYTN Remix)

What is a pool party without an electronic dance track? Don’t you think we need these swag vibes? George Moir teaming up with on-the-rise newcomer LCTYN on a fire remix of his recent single ‘Patio.’ Will the new version dethrone Calvin Harris as the summer best work contender? Maybe? Well, we bet it will be in lots of club nights since their reopening in the world. We already loved the original and funny track. Now, the remix reimagines the instrumentation beyond reality. The glamorous samples and beats are an instant dance floor filler. Stream ‘Patio’ remix here! We can also add that the UK is lucky to have him on tour this summer! He’ll bring the margaritas on stage to various festivals and will perform London’s Omeara on October 19th. Get your hands on your ticket here because it flies fast!

Twin XL-Slow Hearts Reimagined

Los Angeles trio Twin XL knows how to entertain. They shattered our hearts in two with their explosive new EP Slow Hearts Reimagined. “I’ll keep looking for you in the dark dream every night, and I can’t get you outta my mind,” they sing so ferociously that we just want to sing along with them. The original song is so addictive, and so are the eighties rewinds from the remixes. We find a new gem each time reworked by on-the-rise producers Great Good Fine OK, Smallpools, and PVRIS. Mixing electro dark pop and alternative sounds, we bop to the Depeche Mode-like loops and bass drums. Prepare yourself for a big psychedelic rave with the pop flavor. Stream the Slow Hearts Reimagined EP here!

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Felicity – ‘Wish You Weren’t Here’

The pop-punk revival is here this summer. We miss the good old days of Wheatus and Simple Plan, and we are delighted to discover artists like Hot Mulligan or Felicity. The Orlando four-piece unveiled the video for the single ‘Wish You Weren’t here,’ and we are looking forward to our next concerts.

Filmed when every venue was closed at the beginning of the pandemic, Felicity tried to act cool! They played in front of many celebrities. They felt the dream, of course, in front of life-size cardboards from Chris Pratt, Nicholas Cage, Billie Eilish, and so much more! The negative comments didn’t hit them! They moved on. It screams out loud to be happy and rock on! Despite the hard times of the situations we live in, we have to keep the positive thoughts spread around. The album Dear Universe, where the track appears, is out now. Stream the record here!

Which of these tracks you’ll spin tonight? Let us know which one and why on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor/THP Graphic Team

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