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‘Trust’ PRETTYMUCH To Release A Hit Like This!

‘Trust’ PRETTYMUCH To Release A Hit Like This!

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Don’t get us wrong, we’ve been vibing hardcore to Smackables and Smackables (Deluxe) ever since PRETTYMUCH dropped them earlier this year, but we’re always glad to get new music! With their latest release ‘Trust,’ PRETTYMUCH is proving that they only drop hits! The five-member group is incredibly talented, and incredibly underrated if you ask us, and we’ll take any chance we can get to introduce you to their music! So whether you’re a long time stan or a first time listener, buckle up as we dive into this new single!

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We’re not sure if we wanna start with the video or the song itself. There’s so much to talk about! By the way, go stream the track while you’re here.

Ian Eastwood teamed up with the band to create the video and Brandon Arreaga himself did the editing, which we think is so cool. He does a lot of the band’s production as well and that’s one of the things we love about PRETTYMUCH. Their sound is so authentic to them because of how involved they are with their music production and their entire creative process. Another thing we love about PRETTYMUCH is the visuals. Their music videos are always creative, full of eye catching color schemes, vibrant sets, high energy choreo, and on-point fashion. The guys always look amazing in everything and we would definitely love a chance to raid their closet.

In the ‘Trust’ video, the story focuses on the girl getting ready for girls’ night out while the band hypes her up. The song is all about having trust for your significant other and being secure in that relationship.

Even if you’re coming home at three
You’re coming home to me
Miss me with that jealousy
‘Cause I ain’t with that sh*t, babe

Now this is the energy we love to see. Relationships are all about trust and knowing your partner is coming back to you and only you. It’s a pretty basic concept but it’s nice to see it getting romanticized in a song like this. Normalize trust, as the kids say, there’s no time for jealousy here.

What do you think of ‘Trust?’ PRETTYMUCH knocked it out of the park with this one if you ask us. Come chat with us about it over on Twitter or drop in sometime at The Hive and vibe with us! We’re always buzzing about something.

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