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Skepta’s ‘All In’ With His New Explosive EP

Skepta’s ‘All In’ With His New Explosive EP

He’s been a member of the British rap royalty since his 2016 record Konnichiwa. He then went deep on Ignorance Is Bliss in 2019. Two years later, Skepta is blessing us with a new EP where he goes All In with the bars and beats. He’s also signed up some amazing teams on it, so let’s discover some highlights from his brilliant masterpiece.

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Poker Face? Absolutely Not!

Skepta isn’t bluffing when he puts out new releases. Solo or with amazing collaborators from every sphere of the industry, he knows how to communicate with us on All In. Big beats, Caribbean sways, harsh but melodic bars, the London rapper is the real deal! Skepta’s All In serves a purpose. Let’s celebrate the good times with these incredible rhythms. He is a party animal on stage and he showed us many times during festivals in the UK. His new five-track record is a culmination point where we find the perfect grooves for the summer days.

The Mirror Of The Society

Skepta’s All In kicks in with ‘Bellator.’ Lyrically fierce, the spotlight goes to societal acceptance to diversity in a Pop Smoke dark feel musical soundscape. It follows with the echoing ‘Peace Of Mind,’ an explosive team up with Teezee and Kid Cudi. We groove a lot to ‘Lit Like This,’ which make us reflect on the actual perks of hate. The subject is harsh and talks about big crimes and violence, so listen to the lyrics is at your own risk. “Got the girls, the cars, the money in the bank (Bank)/Keys to the house, whip bigger than a tank/So much ice, it’s a joke, don’t mistake it for a prank (Ice)/When you’re lit like this, you might need to get a sh*nk (Ice),” Skepta spits, making us reflect. We can’t get enough as we scrutinize the upbeat ‘Eyes On Me.’ Though, the highlight of All In is obviously the surprising collaboration with J Balvin, ‘Nirvana.’

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The Rich Life Or Not?

“What’s the occasion? Every day’s a celebration,” Skepta and J Balvin shout in the chorus of ‘Nirvana.’ The lead single from Skepta’s All In is charming us with Latin-infused backgrounds. The addition of J Balvin brings the heat and the video is very reminiscent of the Godfather casino scenes. The rich woman seduces and then traps the characters to her will. Rich is power and it makes us reflect on that. How can we help each other? The rapper is a true warrior and he smashed it again! Stream All In and enjoy the rhymes on your preferred music service here.

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