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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Megan Thee Stallion

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Megan Thee Stallion

Here at THP, we love us some Megan Thee Stallion! Not only did she graciously introduce us to the term ‘Hot Girl Summer’ with her 2019 hit single of the same name, but Megan Thee Stallion has been keeping the same flow ever since. From her sensual lyrics to her confidence, what’s not to love about her? While there are so many reasons to stan the Hot Girl Houston rapper, here we’ll just give you the top five!

1. She Writes Her Own Raps

It’s no secret that in the music industry, some artists record pre-written approved songs from their label, which is why it’s nice to know Megan Thee Stallion writes her own lyrics. Actually, she’s been writing her own stuff since she was 14 years old! While her mother, Holly Thomas, who was a rapper herself, was working in the studio, Thee Stallion would preoccupy her time by making up lyrics to the beats playing in the background. Thee Stallion cites many inspirations for her flow, from T.I. to Three 6 Mafia and her biggest, her mom.

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2. She’s A Full-On Anime Fanatic

Yes, just like us, Megan Thee Stallion is a big anime fan and she’s not afraid to say it! She even admits that some of her make-up, hairstyles, and outfits are inspired by some of her favorite anime. For example, for her Paper magazine photoshoot she full-on cosplayed Todoroki Shoto, a character from the anime My Hero Academia. Plus, even some of her verses have references to anime, like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto like in her songs ‘Girls in the Hood’ and ‘Running Up Freestyle.’

Image Source: Megan Thee Stallion for Paper Magazine via Arturo Evaristo

3. She’s A Proud Dog Mom

As if it couldn’t get any better, Megan Thee Stallion certainly loves her dogs! Thee Stallion is a mom dog to four: her French bulldogs Dos and 40e, a pit bull named 5ive, and a Cane Corse named X (the roman numeral of ten). She absolutely loves them all and likes to show them off on her social media. She even has an Instagram account just for 4oe, which you should definitely check out if you wanna “aww” all day to how adorable he is!

4. She’s Getting Her Education

Furthermore, on top of her rap career, Megan Thee Stallion is also a college student! That’s right, she writes papers and goes to class just like any other student. Currently, she’s taking online classes at Texas Southern University, an HBCU in Houston, and is expected to graduate this fall with a degree in health administration! In a recent tweet, she even expressed how she wished some of her fans could be at her graduation!

5. She Loves Her Hotties

Speaking of fans, Megan Thee Stallion loves her Hotties! We at THP always love an artist who is appreciative of their fans. In fact, she loves them so much that she even made a scholarship just for all her Hotties still in college! Talk about generous! And if you catch a peek at Megan Thee Stallion’s Twitter, you can see that she regularly re-tweets and replies to her Hotties too!

Those are the top 5 reasons to stan Megan Thee Stallion! Are you convinced? Or maybe you’re a fan who saw that we missed a reason or two? Either way, why don’t you tell us about it in the comments below or over on our Twitter and Facebook!

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Featured Image Source: Megan Thee Stallion via Instagram

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