Lauren Sanderson Releases ‘Girl From The Internet’

Lauren Sanderson Releases ‘Girl From The Internet’
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Lauren Sanderson is back with yet another catchy tune. While she’s also known for her, at-times, depressing ballads, Lauren Sanderson’s ‘Girl From The Internet’ almost outdoes them all. The song is based on the true-life love story of Sanderson and their ‘Girl From The Internet,’ fellow musician, Bryana Salaz. ‘Girl From The Internet’ is the kind of single we at The Honey POP can’t wait to hear in the next teen film.

With lyrics like “Stole my heart and I knew before we even met” and “Late night I’m staring at my screen again,” Sanderson’s new jam is painfully relatable to anyone who has been in an online relationship. But meeting your “ride or die” on the internet, as Sanderson did, isn’t easy. Though, one look at her and Salaz’s relationship will show you why it’s all worth it. Her single ‘Queen Bee,’ released earlier this year, also takes a look at the couple’s relationship.

The single was released July 29th, 2021, as an accompaniment to her Lollapallozza performance and subsequent tour. Unfortunately, Sanderson shared on her social media that she had tested positive for COVID-19, and as a result, she was forced to pull out of her tour. But luckily for us, Sanderson still plans to tour with Warner Records pop star MAX, this fall! Tickets for that tour are available here. We’ll see you there! Which tour date will you be at? Check out where Lauren will be heading on the road, below!

November 17 – New York, NY – Webster Hall
November 18 – Washington, D.C. – 9:30 Club
November 26 – Philadelphia, PA – TLA
November 28 – Boston, MA – Paradise

What’s next for Sanderson?

‘Girl From The Internet’ makes us beyond excited to see what they have coming next. It is the perfect single to get everyone excited for her eventual return to touring. With a catchy beat and relatable lyrics, ‘Girl From The Internet’ has joined the competition as the song of the summer. Lauren Sanderson’s ‘Girl From The Internet’ can be streamed anywhere you enjoy music.

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Want more new music? Don’t worry! You can discover more incredible tunes here.


Featured Image Source: Lauren Sanderson Official Instagram

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