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Goofy Is Coming Back To The Disney+ Spotlight!

Goofy Is Coming Back To The Disney+ Spotlight!

Let’s start this by saying that if you don’t love Goofy, you’ve probably watched Disney wrong 😂. We could sit here and talk about how much we love Goofy and think he’s one of the best dads ever portrayed on TV, but we figured it would take too long. But we will talk about his new trio of shorts, Goofy in How to Stay at Home.

Okay. So. If you know your Disney history, you may have recognized the name Goofy in How To. That’s because there was a series of shorts with that name back in the 1940s, which continued for quite some time and had its most recent episode back in 2007, How to Hook Up Your Home Theater. That is until Disney+ decided to bring it back for these three new episodes!

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What Makes Goofy Such A Lovable Character?

Well, several reasons, but we’ll list our top three.

1 – He loves his son more than anything in the world. It’s no secret to anyone who has ever watched A Goofy Movie or An Extremely Goofy Movie that Goofy loves Max. The man went on a cross-country road trip with a moody teen because he was worried about his son. The story is really cute, it shows a healthy father-son relationship and Goofy as a great single parent willing to try his best for his kid. We stan!

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2 – He’s not afraid to be himself. Even when people make fun of his “goofy” and clumsy ways, Goofy doesn’t try to change who he truly is. He’s proud to be himself, and why shouldn’t he be? He’s funny, compassionate, hard-working, and, as we said before, a great dad to Max. For those of us who also feel a little bit like weirdos, Goofy is a great comfort character.

3 – He will do anything for his loved ones. This not only goes back to Goofy loving his son, but it also applies to every single appearance of his in general. Be it The Three Musketeers, the Mickey Mouse Shorts, anything, Goofy always shows up to help his friends. In conclusion, he’s just great.

We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones to think so, considering Disney decided to bring his shorts back after over a decade. They know how successful the character is. We can’t wait for August 11, when we’ll be able to watch the new shorts on Disney+. We may watch A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie to get us through the next few days, though.

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Now you see why we’re super hyped to see him on How To Stay At Home? Are you going to watch it as well? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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