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Let Go Of Your Worries With ASTRO’s ‘After Midnight’

Let Go Of Your Worries With ASTRO’s ‘After Midnight’

It hasn’t been too long since ASTRO released ‘ONE’ and their second full-length album All Yours, but they’re not wasting any time, and they’re back with SWITCH ON and its title track: ‘After Midnight.’

One may think that with both comebacks being so close of each other, the sound would be similar. However, this is really a whole other side of ASTRO than the one we saw in ‘ONE’ and we love it. Being their 8th mini-album, SWITCH ON has so much to offer with its brightness and summer feel.

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‘After Midnight’

Though ASTRO’s music has always been uplifting and bright, it’s been a while since the last time they came back with a joyful title track. And ‘After Midnight’ is exactly that.

‘After Midnight’ is a retro yet refreshing song that gives out such an energy of happiness and support. If there’s any song of theirs similar to it, it would definitely be ‘All Good’ – a b-side in All Yours. ‘After Midnight’ feels carefree and bright as they sing about overcoming past struggles and enjoying life.

The music video complements it perfectly with its bright sceneries and its addictive choreography. It also showcases many moments of chemistry between the members. The scenes on the beach match perfectly with the energy of the song as well as the whole album. If there’s one way to describe the sound of this mini-album it would be with the words beach, summer and comfort. And that’s exactly what they show us in the music video of ‘After Midnight,’ along with flawless visuals as usual.


The b-sides in SWITCH ON follow up on the beach and summery vibe of ‘After Midnight’ – especially the second track: ‘Footprint.’ It has the same carefree vibe as the title track but definitely has more of a beach vibe all while sticking to the retro sound. The production in the chorus especially put you right in the mood for summer days on the beach. With an initial more quiet pre-chorus with distorted vocals, ‘Footprint’ builds up in a lively and bright track that complements the title track perfectly.

‘Waterfall’ gives out some serious 2000s vibes with its production – whether it comes to the track or the vocals. It’s quite a surprising song at first as it opens with a high note but then goes into this bright and comforting song. It’s simply a wholesome summer song, a bit like ‘Sunset Sky’ – the following track. This is more of a chill love song mostly based on a soft acoustic guitar. The lyrics follow the common theme of trying to forget about the pain and the worries and just do your best.

The fifth track stands out more than any other. ‘MY ZONE’ is more similar to the vibe ASTRO had in their latest comeback. It’s the darkest song in the mini-album but don’t let that fool you, because ‘MY ZONE’ is still a retro and dance track. One thing worth highlighting from this song are the rap verses as they play with different styles and tones.

And finally, ASTRO’s 8th mini-album closes off with ‘Don’t Worry.’ This is such a meaningful song where they ask for the listener to let go of their pain and worries and trust them. It’s such a sincere song and there’s no way it won’t make you smile. As everything fades in the background, they sing “don’t worry” before going into a poppy and bright chorus that can bring nothing but joy and comfort.

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This isn’t just a summer comeback but also a mini-album that brings support and happiness. We couldn’t be more grateful for ASTRO after the release of ‘After Midnight’ and SWITCH ON as a whole.

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