‘Rumors’ Has It That Lizzo Is Ready To Spill The Tea!

‘Rumors’ Has It That Lizzo Is Ready To Spill The Tea!

How are our favorite readers doing? Cause we are feeling ‘Good As Hell’ with the little secret that our queen Lizzo has spilled, and there are big ‘Rumors’ that we won’t be ‘Stayin’ Alive!’ There’s a new baby on the way and, we feel it is gonna be our ‘Soulmate.’

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Queen Lizzo has come back to claim her crown and let us know that she is the only goddess that can make us fall ‘En Love’ with someone with just four words! In an Instagram post, she has announced that the ultimate B is gonna let us enjoy her amazing talent and dance ourselves out with her upcoming release ‘Rumors.’ Queens and kings, get your best sassy and classic outfit cause we are gonna feel all the ‘Juice’ Lizzo has prepared!

And we need to be honest, she looks gorgeous in her last post! Just look at her! How can we not fall in love with this woman! Our religion is based on worshiping Lizzo and just Lizzo, cause we love her!

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We Are Cryin’ Cuz We Love Lizzo!

August 13th is gonna be the day that our bestie will make more history and mark a new era on the timeline! There is not much to say about what is coming up, but we have a lot of ‘Rumors’ of what this stunning era will bring! We have the feeling that we will party and dance to iconic boops that Lizzo has been preparing. Also, we have the feeling that some mind-blowing collabs will come around… There’s a rumor that it will have a lot of styles!

We can’t believe that we are less than a week to finally listen to the comeback of the woman that has us dreaming how it would be to party with her and be her bestie! We won’t leave our phones alone cause we know things are going to pop up! Don’t let your guards down cause this is just the start!

In the meanwhile, let´s continue streaming one of our favorites albums brought from heaven by Queen Lizzo!

Which Rumors have you heard about Lizzo’s upcoming album? Which song are you gonna claim? We want song number two! Tell us everything in the comments and, don´t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop for more!

Wanna feel ‘Good As Hell’ with more music? Hang out more with us!

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Featured Image Source: Jora Frantzis, courtesy of Warner Music

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