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15 Songs By THE BOYZ Your Playlist Needs

15 Songs By THE BOYZ Your Playlist Needs

The Boyz have been around since late 2017, and in the past years, they’ve given us nothing but top-notch music. From dark to cute concepts passing by sophisticated and one-of-a-kind songs, The Boyz have it all in their discography. And though we highly recommend you check out all their songs if you don’t know them by heart yet, these 15 songs are a good place to start if you want to stan The Boyz, or just listen more to their music!

If you’re looking to get to know The Boyz’s music or add new music to your playlist, you’ve come to the right place!

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‘No Air’

Let’s start with an absolute classic and one of The Boyz’s biggest songs. You probably already know about this song, but in the case you don’t, let’s just say you’re missing out on something truly amazing.

Out of their third mini-album, ‘No Air’ is the perfect pop track. It’s hard to describe this track and make it justice. This song is lively and joyful and has an addicting beat all throughout with vocals that will get stuck in your head. Doesn’t matter if you know or even understand Korean or not, you’ll be singing this song at the top of your lungs. It also has a very interesting choreography (as most The Boyz songs do) and it simply brings so much joy.

When music is this good, it is truly hard to put it into words. But to put it simply, ‘No Air’ will make you feel happy to be alive.

‘Drink It’

This one is a newer release, but it still deserved a place in this The Boyz playlist.

Released as a Universe Single, ‘Drink It‘ is The Boyz’s take on the vampire concept, and boy did they embody it perfectly. It falls in the more sophisticated part of their discography, but it still remains extremely powerful. Their vocals sound incredible, and the rap verse is to die for. It’s a fresh take on the concept all while keeping it classic but modern. We don’t know how anyone could get tired of this song.

‘Shine Shine’

We got joyful and sophisticated, and now we’re getting into the more powerful stuff.

‘Shine Shine’ is the opening track in their fifth mini-album, The Chase, and what an opening. The track is so powerful and almost anthem-like. It feels like the best K-Pop can give you. And the interlude “The Boyz solid gold 너는 shine shine” is probably the most satisfying thing ever as it leads to this powerful and poppy chorus. Truly a gem in their discography and a song that sums up what The Boyz are all about.

‘Walkin’ In Time’

Now this one is more a throwback, and also a whole different song from the ones we talked about before.

‘Walkin’ In Time’ is a b-side from The Boyz’s debut mini-album. Even though their debut track ‘Boy’ does deserves your attention for sure, we couldn’t leave this b-side out. ‘Walkin’ In Time’ is the first sad song on our list. All while keeping a beat and going into a melancholic EDM drop in the chorus, the song remains slow, emotional, and heartfelt. It isn’t a ballad per se, but it still hits you like a rock. The song talks about the feeling you’re left with after someone leaves – the feeling of being stuck in time and place without them.

It’s one of their saddest and most emotional songs – it’s crazy to think that this was part of their debut.


Four words: song of the year (or at least one of them).

No song is like ‘Checkmate’ – it is so unique and magnificent. It’s literally a masterpiece. The production makes this track such a mysterious and intriguing song that almost gives out suspense just to build into this sophisticated and captivating chorus. The Boyz did nothing but serve in Road To Kingdom and this was their final song and performance, and needless to say, they didn’t disappoint and they weren’t the winners for nothing.

‘Spring Snow’

‘Spring Snow’ is not only the first b-side of The Boyz’s first full-length album, Reveal, in our playlist, but it is also the first ballad. And it carries such a deep and beautiful meaning.

The first thing to know is that all members were involved in the making of the song, and it’s a ballad actually written for their fans. The sentiment behind their vocals is simply so sincere and heartfelt. It does have some kind of winter feel to it, making it perfect for a snowy day. But the lyrics talk about how some can feel like spring and you’re like winter. The Boyz have multiple ballads but this one is by far one of their best and more meaningful songs in their discography.


This next one is a more fun track by The Boyz, and they’re no stranger to these types of songs. ‘Whiplash’ was promoted as a b-side for The Boyz’s comeback with ‘The Stealer’ and their fifth mini-album, The Chase. It was a perfect counterpart to the more serious title track. ‘Whiplash’ is a fun and joyful song about the thrills of love. It feels carefree and will definitely make you feel better because it gives nothing but serotonin – and The Boyz are kind of experts at that.

‘Bye Bye Bye’

Going back to a darker sound, ‘Bye Bye Bye’ is a b-side in their first Japanese release. We could’ve easily added the title track, ‘Tattoo,’ and definitely recommend you to check that one out. However, ‘Bye Bye Bye’ does stand out as a b-side.

The song has some serious vibes from the 2000s with its production and the vocal processing in the chorus as they all sing together. The build-up to the said chorus is captivating and makes this chorus so worth it and hit even harder. It almost feels like a 2nd gen or beginning of 3rth gen song. The lyrics are quite interesting as well as ‘Bye Bye Bye’ is about them falling out of a relationship and wanting to end things before it all goes down in flames and there’s no turning back.


Now, before we get into what this track is all about, it is worth noting that this is a sub-unit track. For their first full-length album, The Boyz were divided into two sub-units to create new and refreshing songs. And ‘Scar’ is the first of those songs, being the song by the performance unit (aka Juyeon, Q, Haknyeon, Sunwoo, and Eric).

‘Scar’ is mysterious but in a very different way to ‘Checkmate.’ This one feels sexier and yet subtle at the same time. Its whispered parts and soft vocals create such an atmosphere. That type of production and vocal technique in the verses make the rap verses in the pre-chorus all the more jarring and overpowering as they build up to the lowkey and simplistic chorus. This is such a unique song in their discography, and not a day goes by that we’re not grateful for this sub-unit.


And that leads us not only to the second sub-unit but also the second ballad in our The Boyz playlist.

The sub-unit for ‘Goodbye’ is composed of Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Kevin, and New; and when we say that they delivered we really mean it. Not only do the unique voices sound incredible all throughout the track as they sing about having a hard time letting go, but the back and forth in the chorus is absolutely incredible and so satisfying. They make a back and forth between all them singing together, with one of them singing a line on his own in response. It creates such dynamism and unison that isn’t seen a lot nowadays. It has a way of mixing older elements with more modern elements – which can be true for most of The Boyz’s songs.

This song is not only heartbreaking but it feels tragic at best.


But taking a step away from the saddest of ‘Goodbye,’ remember when we said The Boyz were experts at giving people serotonin with their songs? ‘D.D.D’ is the perfect example of that.

Their 2019 release is not only a summer song but a song for the whole year. It feels bright and joyful, and it gives out such a happy feeling. And the bridge is an absolute masterpiece – even more, if you watch the choreography that goes with it. ‘D.D.D’ is simply such an excellent song to get your mood up.

The music video is also incredible and very fun to watch. They adapted Alice In Wonderland to the streets of New York City. It’s the perfect song to notice how The Boyz makes the whole bright concept work better than anyone else.

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This is yet another unique song not only in The Boyz’s discography but in general.

The 2020 b-side is such an interesting song, and it will surprise you for sure. ‘Salty’ starts off quite soft but then goes into more dance and electronic chorus. You could almost say there’s some kind of retro feel to it, but not quite there. While feeling overall bright, it does have some hints of darkness to it, especially in the verses. Now, warning: the chorus will get stuck in your head. And truly, there’s no other song like it.

‘Kiss Me If You Can’

We already talked about The Boyz’s Japanese debut, but now let’s talk about their first full-length album Japanese album, Breaking Dawn.

Even though the whole album is worth checking out and gave us some incredible gems, ‘Kiss Me If You Can’ is undeniably the star of the show. It is bold, confident, and sassy. Yet, the chorus has an epic feel to it. But the most important part of the song is what builds up to that chorus: the rap verses. They were not playing around with this one – they’re such powerful verses. And it’s truly such an interesting and amazing song to experience.


From their 2019 release, ‘Butterfly’ is a b-side to the iconic title track, ‘Bloom Bloom.’

This track is a slower one, but it isn’t anything like the other ballads on this list. This one isn’t a simple piano ballad, but more of a smooth love song. It highlights other aspects of their vocals and shows their versatility not only as artists but as vocalists. This is more subtle and quiet, with its more lowkey and smooth vocals, but it is just as touching as other slow songs and unique in The Boyz’s discography.


Of course, the queen herself couldn’t be left out from this The Boyz playlist.

If there’s one title track to remember by The Boyz it is ‘Reveal.’ This song was not only the title track for their first full-length album, but it also marked a whole shift in their music and career. While their Japanese debut did have that dark feel to it, ‘Reveal’ was a moment for The Boyz – and for us all. And even though they’re great at bright concepts, they’re also great at darker concepts. With this one, they showed a brand new side of them proving they can do it all.

The confidence, the addictive chorus, and let’s not even talk about that post-chorus at the end of the song. Everything about this song is absolutely excellent. And even the concept behind the song feels special and unique. If you’re into powerful pop songs, this is for you. There’s no better way to put it than: ‘Reveal’ is pure pop excellence.

What song by The Boyz will you be adding to your playlist? What song would you add to this list? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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