Jack Harlow Just Keeps Dropping Bangers

Jack Harlow Just Keeps Dropping Bangers

Candid in his Kentucky upbringing and only moderately smug, the level-headed rapper refuses to keep people waiting. The new song ‘SUVS (Black on Black)’ has Jack Harlow ringing us in smoothly and unabashedly, wound up with a pointed feature from Pooh Shiesty. Harlow, known for his remarkable ability to keep a flow/rhythm slick, reminds the audience his success isn’t something anyone should be surprised by.

The new track sports a seasoned synth on loop, booming with a sultry machismo courtesy of Harlow. He and Pooh Shiesty work double-time to create a brooding underground-club vibe for ears accustomed to any genre. With a sincere passion for the hip-hop genre, it seems no one can stop Jack Harlow on his undeterred path to stardom.

“Don’t stop pushin’, used to catch Z’s on the couch cushions / Now I call the shots like I’m John Wooden”

Recently, Jack Harlow featured on Lil Nas X’sIndustry Baby,’ clad in a fierce take-me-serious stance and armor which he hauls with him into every song he’s on (see: Pooh Shiesty collab).

If you needed any evidence of his striking presence as a performer, watch Harlow command the audience at LOLLAPALOOZA via his Instagram below. A tag team of just him and his boyish demeanor, notice how Harlow effortlessly wraps the crowd around his finger and call it his own show.

Jack’s hitting the headlining road this September on his sold-out Crème De La Crème tour, and you should totally let us know if you’re planning to attend or not. Thoughts on the new collab? Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or let us know in the comments!


Featured Image Source: Christian Högstedt and Matt Marzhal

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1 month ago

Amazing article! The writer must have some excellent taste in music.


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