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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan LUCY

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan LUCY


We know you’re probably thinking “But I stan a lot of people as is,” we are going to be honest with you, LUCY is one that you just can’t pass up.

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LUCY has been on our radar since they broke out on the scene of JTBC’s SuperBand, and we’ve been stans ever since! There are a lot of things that can make you fall in love with the group. Is it because they can play instruments? What about the fact that people they are fans of, are also fans of them? Why don’t we just break it down for you? Here’s five reasons why you should stan KBand, LUCY.

Fans Of Fans

Just recently archery gold medalist, An San revealed which KPOP idols she stanned and amongst them was LUCY! She also mentioned that she has been a life long fan of theirs, and even recommended some songs from the group. But that’s not all, LUCY are also fans of An San so it’s very full circle. An San also joined Shin YeChan for a live broadcast, and we loved it. This makes us think! We wonder which other famous people are also fans of LUCY. You can check out one track that An San mentioned below.

Talent To The Stars

As you know, the group each play their designated instruments, and may we say they play them phenomenally, but did you know most of them can play more than one instrument? They also have a hand in their music making, which brings an added factor when listening to their music. You know, no biggie, just a quartet that make their own music, literally. If we could even have an ounce of their talent we could take over the world, which we see LUCY doing very soon.

Image Source: @BANDLUCY_mystic on Twitter


Their Covers

If you didn’t first hear LUCY from their own music, then you more than likely tuned in to one of their iconic covers. They’ve covered solo artists, groups and western artists. LUCY even teamed up with Young K for a cover of Conan Gray’s ‘Maniac,’ which we still haven’t stopped watching since it’s release. And don’t get us started on their cover of Red Velvet’s ‘BAD BOY.’ So what we are trying to say is, people can cover other artists songs, but rarely do they put a spin on it, and make it their own, which LUCY always does successfully.

There Is Only One Way And It’s Up

Though as individuals they’ve been around longer, as a group they made their initial debut just last May. With an arsenal filled with amazing tracks and talent that works beautifully as a group, but can also stand on it’s own, we can only see LUCY heading for the stars from here. Which is why we had named them one of our underrated k-pop acts to support in 2020, so get to it! Start stanning!

Gif Source: Tenor

So are you ready to start jamming with LUCY? Let us know in the comments down below, on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us over on our Facebook and Instagram!

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