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‘Flux’ and Flow with Poppy’s Newest Release

‘Flux’ and Flow with Poppy’s Newest Release

Our bubblegum pop princess turned metal artist Poppy is at it again! This time it’s the release of ‘Flux,’ a song off her album of the same name, which is also set to release on September 24. How exciting! 

Image Source: Poppy Flux Cover via Sumerian Records

It’s been a big year for Poppy from her performance and nomination at the GRAMMYs, to the release of her previous album Her in June. There’s no stopping Poppy! She just goes with the flow and her newest hit shows just that. Energetic, strangely cute (we’ll get to that one in a moment), and intense, ‘Flux’ and its music video is the perfect way to tease a new album release. While there is much to gush out, we’ll just set focus on the most memorable parts of the video and song!

That Electrifying Sound

First, there is no ignoring that opening. The song starts with a sole melodic electric guitar before being joined by the accompanying sound of bass guitars and a steady drumline. Talk about sick! As the song goes on, the bass and drums set the melody but there are short intervals of that scratchy electric guitar, and boy, is it welcomed! Adding on to such a sound, Poppy’s voice is a great mixture of sweet and edgy, singing pleasantly until the song nears its end as her voice becomes overlaid with intervals of her screaming.

Overall, the beat is just that: electrifying and raw! And for good reason too! The producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen had Poppy and her band record live to tape. Meaning, everyone was playing, all at once, in the same room and that only adds to the meaning behind the song. Getting that authentic sound meant everyone had to just go with it and perform!

Those Catchy, Meaningful Lyrics

Like all of Poppy’s songs, there tends to be some meaning behind it no matter how small. While these lyrics can be up for many different interpretations, we think the chorus tends to speak for itself on what this song could be about:

“You can’t oppose it/
That’s just how it goes, yeah/
You gotta flux and flow with it/
You gotta flux and flow with it”

Flux and flow? As in the phrase “go with the flow?” It seems like it! These lyrics might be alluding to life itself as we all know it can be unpredictable and constantly changing. Perhaps, ‘Flux’ is telling us that maybe the best way to brave change is “don’t oppose it” but just go with the motions. And with all the changes happening every day due to the pandemic, the message is more relevant than ever. 

That Cutesy Pastel Dreamworld And Animation

Can you say Candyland? As soon as the sun shines then vomits—which was sick by the way!—we’re introduced to a pastel-colored, aesthetically pleasing, and yummy-looking world! While the setting might initially contrast with such a metal song, it actually in a strange way fits. Pip and Pop, an Australian artist who collaborated with Poppy for the ‘Flux’ video, knew exactly how to make a setting both cute and other worldly, giving that feel of a whimsical, but unusual place. Hey, kind of like Alice in Wonderland!

Furthermore, the animated creatures, an artistic visual choice that comes after that iconic claymation of her ‘Her’ video, definitely add to the vibe of strangeness. We don’t know exactly what these creatures are, and apparently, neither does Poppy as she proceeds around them with caution, but we’re digging the cartoon-ish look.

Lastly, That Fit

We just have to talk about what Poppy is wearing because it’s literally everything! It’s no secret that Poppy’s outfits are far from her bubblegum pop days, often being more sharp, dark, and dramatic. However, in this video, her outfit seemingly is this mixture of both edgy and soft, and frankly, it’s a look!

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Image Source: Poppy via Tenor

Those black platform heels, the solid light purple color palette, the boldness of her statement puff sleeves, the lacy socks, and stockings. Just everything! Not only does it seamlessly fit the strange cotton candy-esque world, matching the palette and tone, but this outfit actually looks like it can be worn out to a concert or a night out!

There’s much more to love about Poppy’s music video, of course! After all, this is coming from Poppy. She’s an icon, a legend, and is the moment. What do you think about Poppy’s ‘Flux’ video? Excited about the upcoming album? We wanna hear it! Tweet at us at @TheHoneyPOP or come over to our Facebook!

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Featured Image Source: Poppy via Frank Ockenfels

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