Jeremy Shada Doesn’t Want To Be ‘Dancing With Strangers’

Jeremy Shada Doesn’t Want To Be ‘Dancing With Strangers’

Everyone remain calm! We’ve been graced with the sophomore single, ‘Dancing With Strangers’ from Jeremy Shada’s debut album, which will be available this fall! We’ve been huge fans of Jeremy’s work on screen as Finn in Adventure Time and as Reggie in Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms, so naturally, we are loving this new medium to enjoy his talent!

Stream ‘Dancing With Strangers’ here!

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‘Dancing With Strangers’ is pure pop perfection. After our first listen, we knew we wanted to keep the track on repeat and learn all the words immediately. There is something about ‘Dancing With Strangers’ that makes you automatically picture how sick it will hit in a party setting. We will be testing this theory immediately.

Of course, we can’t talk about ‘Dancing With Strangers’ without talking about what a killer voice Jeremy Shada has! We already knew his talent was immense but come on! The notes he’s hitting throughout the track? Unmatched!

We have a strong feeling Jeremy Shada is about to become as big of a force on stage as he is on screen. We are all going to be hearing a lot more from Jeremy, and we can’t wait. His debut album is fast approaching, so we can all let out a sigh of relief that we don’t have to wait long for more music!

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