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Luke Hemmings Assures You’ll Always Have A ‘Place In Me’ In New Song

Luke Hemmings Assures You’ll Always Have A ‘Place In Me’ In New Song

Luke Hemmings has become the king of providing his fans with amazing new content. That’s right, he has surprised us yet again with a new song titled ‘Place In Me’ and an accompanying visualizer. This is the third song Luke has released since announcing his album on June 29th!

If you couldn’t tell, we’ve got some serious love for this new era of Luke Hemmings, and that didn’t stop with the release of ‘Place In Me.’ We know that you guys are going to appreciate this beautiful song just as much as ‘Starting Line‘ and ‘Motion.’ Now, allow us to break down this new single for you.

The melody of the song starts out very slow and somber. Once Luke’s beautiful voice joins, two things become obvious; this is going to be a beautiful, emotional song, like many others he has been known for writing, and we were most likely going to cry. The deeply emotional lyrics and slow beat come together to form a match made in heaven. This is three minutes and eight seconds of a very soft and slow song that we cannot get enough of! But once we got an overall feel of the song, you know we had to go back and really listen to the lyrics.

So what is Luke singing about in this song? Well, we’re here to report once again that this album is not just full of love songs as some fans thought, because this song is quite heartbreaking. This becomes apparent from the song’s starting line “Hold on, I never meant you any harm.” And exactly as that lyric suggests, he goes on to sing about how he has hurt his partner in some way. In the chorus, he goes on to apologize for his behavior and beg for forgiveness, just another chance. The lyric “how many chances does it take” reveals that they’ve been here before. Finally, at the end of the song he sings the song’s title, assuring his partner in an emotional tone “you’ll always have a place in me.” The lyrics hold so much raw emotion, which we’ve really come to know Luke’s songwriting for.

While it’s not the same as a music video, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate the visualizer that accompanied the video as well. It’s a beautiful video that matches the song quite well. The ‘Place In Me’ video begins with Luke Hemmings, curled up into a somewhat fetal position in the middle of nowhere, matching the vulnerability of the lyrics. As the camera zooms in on Luke we see him holding this glowing cube, reminding the Marvel fans here at THP of the tesseract. The camera continues to zoom in on Luke before zooming out more and more, showing he really is in the middle of nowhere, with no one else around. The camera then zooms out so much that we get a view of the galaxy, with that glowing box Luke was holding shining bright like a star. It really all met the slow vibes of the song very well.

place in me
Image Source: The Lede Company

After so many years of hard work in the music industry, trying to find his true sound, Luke Hemming’s first solo album is almost here! Be sure to stream When Facing The Things We Turn Away From when it drops on August 13th! In the meantime be sure to give plenty of love to ‘Place In Me,’ ‘Motion,’ and ‘Starting Line.’

So, what did you think of Luke Hemmings’ ‘Place In Me?’ Did you love it as much as we did? Did it make you Hemmotional? Talk to us over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Or let us know what you think in the comments.

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