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Luke Hemmings Cover For Rollacoaster Takes Our Breath Away

Luke Hemmings Cover For Rollacoaster Takes Our Breath Away

Luke Hemmings for Rollacoaster

Luke Hemmings is one of the most beautiful men out there, inside and out. However, this is not only the reason why we are so excited about his cover for Rollacoaster Magazine’s A/W ‘21 issue. With his solo project When Facing The Things We Turn Away From, Luke opens up about the writing process, how lockdown affected his life as an artist, and his biggest influences while working on the album. So, if you are as excited as we are at THP to hear about all of this stuff from Luke Hemmings himself, we are ready to give you a sneak peek.

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Luke Hemmings for Rollacoaster Magazine
Image Source: Shane McCauley for Rollacoaster Magazine

Luke told Rollacoaster How His Solo Adventure Began

“The start of it sort of happened by accident though. I was obviously at home for over a year, I love songwriting, I love trying to better myself and that department is important to me. So naturally, I started writing songs on my own and trying to push myself in that way, and then I stumbled into it being a separate project… It definitely is frightening but the love from the band to allow me to do it is integral, it wouldn’t have happened without their blessing.”

Luke Hemmings on making a solo album

Luke has been the lead singer of 5 Seconds of Summer for almost 10 years now. The lockdown didn’t only force them to stay at home, away from the stages but it also made them spend time by themselves, which is something new to them as members of a huge band. It obviously means that they had a lot of time to get to know themselves, away from distractions. Like Luke Hemmings himself says, they didn’t stop supporting each other for other projects. 5SOS Fam thinks this is something huge and of course, they are proud of them and proud of Luke. As THP, we are so happy that Luke found his own way to express his feelings by doing the thing he loves most in life.

Luke Hemmings for Rollacoaster Magazine
Image Source: Shane McCauley for Rollacoaster Magazine

Writing About The Things He Wanted to “Turn Away From”

“It’s hard because it’s obviously a very cathartic thing. I think at the start of writing it was less intense topics, and then once I broke the seal I was more comfortable writing about harder things, like vices, and going through family history. It was honestly like going back into the headspace of being a 16-17-year-old kid in a very strange, but amazing, situation. Trying to put myself back in that headspace was the strangest one but honestly, it helped me figure it out.”

Luke Hemmings on writing songs about his personal life

So far, with the songs Luke Hemmings has released from his debut album When Facing The Things We Turn Away From, we can all see that the album is going to be pretty personal. This answer to Rollacoaster’s question is critical because he gives us a hint. Luke doesn’t only write from his recent personal experiences, but he also wrote from young Luke’s perspective. Ouch, this album is definitely going to hurt. 

Luke Hemmings for Rollacoaster Magazine
Image Source: Shane McCauley for Rollacoaster Magazine

Rollacoaster Asked Luke If He Collaborated With Anyone Else

“After I’d written some songs at home in that first lockdown period, the first person I met was Sammy Witte, and we just fell into it and made the whole album together. For me, it was super important just to have one person for the whole thing, and just have one base. I really hit it off with him and we made the whole album. There’s a couple of songs that I wrote with Sierra, my fiancé, and there’s a couple of songs with John Hill, but it’s mainly me and Sam for a lot of it.”

Luke Hemmings on collabrations in the album

It is obvious that the producer, Sammy Witte, is playing an important role in Luke Hemmings’ album. However, he didn’t hold himself back from being creative with other people around him. For now, we only listened to three songs from the album; ‘Starting Line’, ‘Motion,’ and ‘Place In Me.’ All are co-written by Sammy Witte but we are pretty excited to hear other people’s impact.

Luke Hemmings’ Biggest Inspirations

“I listened to a lot of Pink Floyd, Arcade Fire, M83, Flaming Lips, War on Drugs. All these big strings and synths and big guitar sort of productions like they have is very juxtaposed by how singer-songwriter a lot of the lyrics are. I went back to a lot of George Harrison and Neil Young.”

Luke Hemmings on his biggest musical influences

Taking inspiration from a lot of significant artists, as THP we are sure Luke himself will continue to grow bigger and bigger as an artist. He has been learning a lot in the music industry for 10 years and he is so good at mixing this information into his career, with a little bit of help from musical influences.

Image Source: Shane McCauley for Rollacoaster Magazine

To hear more about Luke’s process of writing the album, you can read the whole feature from here. We don’t know about you, but we want a physical copy too. So, you can pre-order the Rollacoaster Magazine

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Also, the wait is almost over, everyone! Luke Hemmings’ debut album When Facing The Things We Turn Away From is out in one week, on August 13. You can pre-order the album from here

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Featured Image Source: Shane McCauley for Rollacoaster Magazine

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