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‘Please Don’t Leave Just Yet!’ Holly Humberstone’s back!

‘Please Don’t Leave Just Yet!’ Holly Humberstone’s back!

This is evidence here at THP! We are so obsessed with Holly Humberstone’s music and we are more than happy that she returns on the road and with new music. Shortly after the release of ‘The Walls Are Way Too Thin,’ she announced a new EP of the same name in November and dropped this new shiny ballad ‘Please Don’t Leave Just Yet.’

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Begging You To Stay!

Did you ever feel that human connection that you didn’t want to let go of the person beside you? Holly Humberstone relates on the track: “And even if it’s all just a waste of my breath/For five minutes can we please just talk before you jet/You said honey there’s no use in getting all upset/And I said /Please Don’t Leave Just Yet,” she pleads on the track with mixed emotions.

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The song is built like a story and we love the construction Holly Humberstone made with the smooth background drums and guitars. It’s a very total escape. Similar to Ashe, she can get us through some parallel universe. We relate to real situations when using our imagination. Holly Humberstone’s ‘Please Don’t Leave Just Yet’ is such a gorgeous song that brings comfort. We feel lost in the melody forever!

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The song is about wanting someone to stay so badly, even if only for five more minutes, because you know how much it’ll hurt when they leave. I think the desperation in the words really sums up how I was feeling at the time and how so many people must’ve been feeling last year when we were all completely starved of human connection.

Holly Humberstone explains about the lyrical inspiration of the song.

An Ideal Treasure Box

The British singer-songwriter has got so much to offer. She is talented in the music scene and the new song proves it! Holly Humberstone is also the new queen of sustainable fashion. Who loves to share clothes with other people? She created the Fifth Sister Swap shop, which will take place for the first time at her sold-out Omeara show in London from the 15th to 17th of August. Which style do you wanna sport?

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Which clothing would you exchange? For more details on her tour and to get tickets for the remaining dates, click here. Who’s excited to hear ‘Please Don’t Leave Just Yet’ in an amazing orchestral, live and intimate rendition? We are! Maybe we’ll get some exclusives from the upcoming EP at these concerts? Who knows? You can preorder and presave The Walls Are Way Too Thin on many music platforms here. You can also stream the new single as many times as you wish here.

Are you excited to hear the full The Walls Are Way Too Thin EP? Or catch Holly Humberstone on tour? Tell us what are your expectations on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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