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The Bees Knees Drop Their Weekly Radar Sweets!

The Bees Knees Drop Their Weekly Radar Sweets!

It’s hot in here with lots of great music to feed us! The planet has got amazing new artists to bring us. If you are lost in translation, THP and The Bees Knees column is here to give you the best of what’s coming and on the rise this week! Enjoy these new pop royalty on our radar below!

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Asher Knight – ‘Too Much To Ask For’

Do you sometimes feel alone? Asher Knight needs some love. Is it ‘Too Much To Ask For?’ The Bradford singer-songwriter unveiled his new single recently and we fell under the charms of his vocals. There are no surprises that he supported the likes of The Vamps or Steps with his wonderful presence. “You rip out my heart and leave it dead on the floor, And I ain’t no expert But I know feelings speak louder than words I know what I’m feeling,” he sings with passion on ‘Too Much To Ask For.’

Did we find the new James Arthur? The mix of melancholia and upbeat guitar riffs is perfectly balanced. In a crescendo l, he tears up our radar with his honest lyricism and emotions. The team-up with John Newman is the best decision he could have ever made. Take a journey to reflect in-depth on love. Don’t be discouraged! One day, it’ll find you at the most unexpected moment! Get more info and stream Asher Knight here!

August Royals – ‘Blue Football’

Our next new radar artist August Royals stomps with crazy soul with his song ‘Blue Football.’ With deep RnB vibes, the Los Angeles-based newcomer beats the clock with his rhythmic bases. “Sprinting under moonlight/Chasing after all life’s highs/What is it I’ll find in the dead of night?” he croons with smooth vocals. Life is full of obstacles. We don’t know what we’ll find on our path, but in all the uncertainty, we have to keep a glimpse of positivity.

‘Blue Football’ is quite a ride into the depths of dark pop, reminiscing of The Weeknd‘s sexy tones. August is becoming a new royalty of pop music alongside The Kid Laroi and many more with his ethereal melodies. We can’t get enough of the low-pitched beats that invade our close space. Press play and stream here.

Taylor Janzen – ‘Push It Down’

Let’s move to Canada with Winnipeg-based artist Taylor Janzen. She is on our radar with her dreamy vocals. Her new single ‘Push It Down’ is our new comfort song. “I’ve been trying to push it down/But sooner or later it all comes out, ” she sings in the solid chorus. This is a huge lesson of life. Don’t take anything for granted. It’s okay to feel bad at some point and we should let out what we think instead of restraining ourselves. Musically gorgeous, the song is somewhere in between UPSAHL‘s catchy feelings and Baby Queen‘s joyful pop with dark lyrics aesthetic.

Her songwriting work is simple and effective. There’s no need for big complex instrumentation to catch our attention. We only need angelic vocals, a few guitar strings, a couple of flawless drum beats and you got that hit song. ‘Push It Down’ from your favorite music device here.

Karin Ann – ‘in company’

Who’s your fave person to share company with? Ours is Karin Ann, our radar artist from Slovakia. She makes us travel through her wonderful poetic lines. We just want to be ‘in company’ with her, caressing our hopes and dreams. As many tracks we heard this year, isolation is a relentless theme in songs. Her new single approach it with metaphors and beauty inside and out.

“I see too many colors/Will i find a better place?/ I don’t wanna hide under covers/Will I ever win this race?/I can’t escape,” Karin Ann delivers in our ear with her sweet tonalities. Her music mixes violins and classical elements as well as cute electronic loops that instantly makes us smile. Loneliness is such a trap, but with this hopeful sounds, we’ll honestly break it soon! Fans of Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish will hum this song over and over, that’s for sure! Stream ‘in company’ here.

Anna Thompson – ‘Hot Now’

Do you know who’s ‘Hot Now?’ The young songstress from Seattle, Anna Thompson, who is kicking some dance grooves with the finest pop gem – her new single. If you were impressed with Pop Smoke and Dua Lipa‘s collaboration ‘Demeanor,’ you’ll have some deep feelings for this new track from Anna Thompson. ‘Hot Now’ is fueled with upbeat energy and soul. Her vocals are so warm and embrace our minds. “Look at me, look at me I’m hot now,” she keeps repeating in the hypnotizing chorus.

No matter who we are, we have the power to be ourselves. Don’t pay attention to people’s comments. Stay authentic! Will Anna Thompson be the next Ariana Grande? Only time will tell. Get more info on the rising singer on her official website and get the song from Friday, August 13th on all your favorite platforms.

Charlotte Jane – ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’

What’s the best thing to do when you want to break out on the scene? Why not singing some covers? Keep this tip in mind! Charlotte Jane’s reputation is rising on the scene and her voice puts her on our radar this week. She brings her touch to GIVEON’s ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’ for BBC Introducing and you can appreciate the high-class sounds she hits. Soft and emotionally fueled, the British singer shows how delicate but powerful she can be.

Listening to the song is quite a spiritual experience. We meditate with Charlotte Jane’s velvety tone vocals. Fans of London Grammar, you’ll love the romantically dark melodies. Does it light up your curiosity? Stream ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’ here.

Arlo Parks – ‘Too Good (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix)’

The Bees Knees love Arlo Parks! The British songstress smashed all the charts and awards shows with her debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams. To celebrate her Mercury Prize nomination, her song ‘Too Good’ has been remixed by Unknown Mortal Orchestra and it’s magical, as simple as that! The American-New Zealand band put their twist to this hit track in a masterful way.

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With the grace of Greentea Peng and the soulful aesthetic of Celeste, Arlo Parks vibes in duality with the front-layer drum beats added on this new version. It’s poetic as hell and even better than the original that we are obsessed with! The song grooves and our heads tilt to the swag rhythms without a doubt! Stream ‘Too Good (Unknown Mortal Orchestra remix)’ from wherever you want to here!

Yola – Stand For Myself

Do you need your mood set for a warm loving night? We found the right record for you! Yola puts herself on the radar with her soul-jazz effort Stand For Myself. Her high notes beautifully tickle our ears like the 60-70s glam queens Aretha Franklin or Diana Ross. We also love the modern twist of Celeste or Laura Mvula with her grooves. Take a trip back in time in the starry skies with ‘Starlight’ and vibe in the Motown years.

The album is worth the road trip and is so empowering. Love yourself! That’s all matters. The album produced by Dan Auerbach radiates positivity. From ballads to moving disco-like pop tracks, we enjoy every moment. Next to Lizzo, Yola is playing non-stop on our devices to kick the parties in! Stream and buy Stand For Myself from here.

Which style will squeeze into your playlist this week? Do you have any preferences for one or another? Share your Bees Knees thoughts on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Our radar is full of buzzing tracks this last month. We got some more fashionable songs for you here.

Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor/THP Graphic Team

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