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30 Swifties Assemble Their Dream Taylor Swift Album

30 Swifties Assemble Their Dream Taylor Swift Album

Let’s be honest, we are all Swifties here. Taylor Swift is someone that is universally praised as the greatest songwriter of our generation. And because of that, we as fans have latched onto Taylor’s songs, be it a lyric that just hits, a melody that’s on point, or a bridge we just can’t get over. Whatever it may be, Taylor Swift has one of the best discographies out there.

When thinking about Taylor Swift and her incredible discography, there’s one thing we’d want to know: If Swifties could create their dream album, which tracks would that album include? We took to Twitter to ask 30 Swifties to create their dream, and these are the results!

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Track One: ‘the 1’

It’s only fitting that ‘the 1’ would be the ideal choice for an opening track. Honestly, we can’t think of a better opening line to a song than “I’m doing good, I’m on some new sh*t.” ‘the 1’ perfectly sets you up for what a rollercoaster this album would be.

Track Two: ‘champagne problems’

We ugly cry every single time we hear this song. And it seems we’re not alone! When we first heard evermore, we were honestly surprised ‘champagne problems’ wasn’t track five, it’s that heartbreaking. The line “what a shame she’s f**ked in her head” gets us every time, and we can’t wait to scream it in a sold-out stadium.

Track Three: ‘the last great american dynasty’

Only Taylor Swift can tell stories at this level through her music. She went and wrote an entire song about Rebekah Harkness, who used to live in her Rhode Island home. The track is easily a highlight from folklore.

Track Four: ‘Out Of The Woods’

‘Out of the Woods’ has been a fan favorite since its release. The track is one of the best songs to scream the words to, live, and Taylor always goes all out on vocals while singing it. There’s something about that final “in the clear yet good” that gets us so hyped up.

Track Five: ‘All Too Well’

Come on, did you expect anything else? ‘All Too Well’ is one of the holy grail songs for us Swifties. ‘All Too Well’ is the song that makes us feel all the intense emotions. It has come to be such a special moment in live shows between us and Taylor. And now we’re getting the 10 minute version on Red (Taylor’s Version) and we couldn’t be more excited!

Track Six: ‘I Think He Knows’

Honestly, we are pleasantly surprised to see ‘I Think He Knows’ getting the recognition it deserves. Lover is one of the albums with zero skips (yes even ‘ME’), but ‘I Think He Knows’ is definitely in the top tracks for us. It’s such an upbeat, happy song, full of so much self-confidence.

Track Seven: ‘seven’

It’s only right that the choice track for track seven is indeed ‘seven.’ The track from folklore was an instant hit with fans, and many people think ‘Dorotheaoff evermore is the song from the other person’s point of view, and that seven’ is from the point of view of ‘Dorothea.’

Track Eight: ‘august’

Our favorite summer song! Arguably, ‘august’ is the best song off folklore and one of five songs off the record, to make it on this dream track listing. The duo of Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift is not to be underestimated, especially after they made this absolute ethereal track.

Track Nine: ‘Enchanted’

We yell “this night is sparkling, don’t you let it go” at an absurd volume every time we hear this track. As one of the most superior tracks off Speak Now, ‘Enchanted’ has always been a favorite among fans. It was allegedly written about Owl City front man, Adam, who changed some of the lyrics and responded to the track, which was utterly adorable.

Track Ten: ‘The Way I Loved You’

This is a big win for us as massive ‘The Way I Loved You’ stans! We have listened to the re-recorded version of this track so many times since release and have completely fallen in love with it all over again, and it seems as though many Swifties have done the same!

Track Eleven: ‘Holy Ground’

We can’t help but be in an instant good mood whenever ‘Holy Ground’ comes on. It’s such a happy track, and so fast-paced, you just want to jump around singing along. ‘Holy Ground’ perfectly represents the country-pop middle ground Taylor Swift mastered on Red.

Track Twelve: ‘Dress’

‘Dress’ (until ‘False God’ came along) is for sure one of Taylor’s more sensual tracks. This track performed live, is quite the experience – just watch the Reputation Tour on Netflix to see for yourself! We experienced it in person and still haven’t recovered.

Track Thirteen: ‘Last Kiss’

Okay, we’re going to say it, ‘Last Kiss’ is as heartbreaking as ‘All Too Well.’ The concept of realizing that the person you never thought you’d say goodbye to is gone, is too much for us and makes us weep. We understand why this almost unanimously was the choice for the ideal track thirteen.

Track Fourteen: ‘Long Live’

‘Long Live’ is a love letter to the fans and Taylor’s band. It’s no wonder so many people connect with it on such a deep level. We’ve grown up loving Taylor Swift and supporting her every endeavor so the line “please point to the pictures, and tell them my name” just always gives us chills and makes us tear up. Such a beautiful song to connect fans to the artist we love.

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Track Fifteen: ‘New Year’s Day’

‘New Year’s Day’ is Taylor’s best closing song ever. The track is so full of promise and optimism for the next chapter of your life. It makes us feel very single and wish we had someone to clean up the bottles with on ‘New Year’s Day.’

Track Sixteen: ‘New Romantics’

You can’t hear ‘New Romantics’ and not want to get up and dance around. The beat is so insanely upbeat and happy, and the lyrics are still just as good as we’re used to from Taylor Swift. That’s something that she does so well, the lyrics don’t suffer because a song isn’t slowed down and somber.

Track Seventeen: ‘The Moment I Knew’ & ‘the lakes’

Our first and only tie! It makes sense that it was a draw between these two incredible tracks! Honestly, we don’t think we could pick either! With ‘the lakes’ you get the most insane vocabulary in a song that we’ve ever heard, with ‘The Moment I Knew’ you get your heart completely shattered. It’s a win-win no matter what.

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