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5 BLACKPINK Songs That Should Have Been Singles

5 BLACKPINK Songs That Should Have Been Singles

BLACKPINK’s singles and title tracks are always top-notch and song of the year worthy. We all know about ‘How You Like That,’ ‘Kill This Love,’ and ‘DDU-DU-DDU-DU.’ But let’s not forget that these girls have an absolutely flawless discography and though we love their singles and wouldn’t change them for the world, some of their b-sides were by far, single material.

Here are five songs by BLACKPINK we believe should’ve been singles.

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‘Pretty Savage’

A pretty obvious choice, but it wouldn’t be a list of BLACKPINK songs that should’ve been singles without this one.

Yes, ‘Pretty Savage’ was promoted but it wasn’t exactly a single per se, and it was more of a b-side. However, this track has everything to be a BLACKPINK single and even a title track. It’s so inconic, that it ended up being one after its release, even without being a single#1 It’s proof of this songs power! It has this anthem-like feel to it in the pre-chorus, all the sass in the verses and the strong and energetic chorus that make this song unforgettable and one of their most iconic songs.

It’s refreshing yet confident, bold and unapologetic. And that’s something that BLACKPINK pull off like no one else can.

‘I Don’t Know What To Do’

This probably isn’t an unpopular opinion either as, just like ‘Pretty Savage,’ the Kill This Love b-side was promoted along with the title track. But still.

‘Don’t Know What To Do’ is truly very different from any track in the BLACKPINK discography. It mixes acoustic guitar with an EDM drop, reminiscent of when this type of EDM was first introduced in pop music in the early 2010s. And while many of BLACKPINK’s songs – especially title tracks and singles – talk about empowerment without a partner, this song is the other side of that coin. It is more vulnerable and desperate, hoping for love to stay. It’s also a more vocal track, which we love to see from them from time to time.

The choreography for this song was also incredible – no wonder the dance practice has over 200M on YouTube. And with that nostalgic and melancholic EDM drop, we can’t help but think what a beautiful aesthetic the music video would’ve had. This song is impossible to get out of your head so imagine how viral it would’ve been as a single.

‘Crazy Over You’

It is worth noting that every single song in The Album was single-worthy and that’s why so many b-sides are on this list. And ‘Lovesick Girls’ being the title track has nothing to do with it because that’s a soty right there. The Album is just that good. However, ‘Crazy Over You‘ has to stand out.

This track has it all to stand out and be a hit. It mixes so many different genres and influences to make this cohesive and addictive tune. The vocals by Jisoo and Rosé that lead to the unexpected chorus are absolutely mindblowing. And its dark and mysterious vibe would’ve been perfect for a music video. While sticking to BLACKPINK’s usual formula, it re-invents it and makes it even more special.

And if you weren’t already in love with this track, the live version they did during The Show just proved further that this is a song that would’ve been insanely good as a single.

‘See U Later’

The Square Up b-side would’ve been perfect as a single, and here’s why. ‘See U Later’ has that bold and badass vibe to it while staying very popping and bright. It kind of reminds us of that bright feel in ‘As If It’s Your Last,’ yet it sticks to that badass and empowering side that BLACKPINK has to them.

The song would be perfect for a choreography as well, with its repetitive and addicting chorus that builds up as the song progresses. That mix of brightness with empowerment make the rap verses so interesting and different, and so much sassier. ‘See U Later’ is really such a cool and feel-good song, with its bright pop instrumental and empowering theme.

‘You Never Know’

Now, this last song may come as a surprise to you, but we have our reasons – the main one being that this track is an absolute masterpiece.

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It isn’t the bold and energetic track you would expect as a single from BLACKPINK but ‘You Never Know’ is their most raw and personal track ever – and that’s what makes it so special. Just like they made an acoustic ballad like ‘Stay’ work as a single, ‘You Never Know’ would be the perfect for the job. It carries a very important message about never really knowing what someone else goes through. It’s also one of their more challenging songs vocally and it would be a perfect way to show another side of BLACKPINK, to showcase more their vocals and their vulnerability. 

Even though we absolutely love the energetic and strong title tracks by BLACKPINK, ‘You Never Know’ would’ve also been great as a single. It’s a side that Blinks see more often, but the general public doesn’t, and it’s a side everyone deserves to know.

Which one of these would’ve been your favorite single? What song would you add to the list? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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