Lola Young’s ‘Blue’ Skies Are High For New EP

Lola Young’s ‘Blue’ Skies Are High For New EP

She’s the shy sweetheart everyone wants to have as a friend. Her songwriting is class! Since we saw this phenomenal singer on Liam Payne’s The LP Show on Veeps, our love for Lola Young grew bigger in our hearts. Her songs give us so many feelings and emotions. We count the days until her After Midnight EP. Can August 20th arrive already? In the meantime, she dropped a new teaser ‘Blue.’

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Swim Into The ‘Blue’

Lola Young’s ‘Blue’ is the second track taken from the After Midnight EP. Do you feel lonely at night time? Are you thinking about how your life could be better? The young British singer deeply tells the story of her experiences. After the Renaissance and the confidence boost, it’s time to question ourselves on our fears, dreams and ambitions. Soulfully thinking at night, Lola Young has this unequalled charm that keeps spinning in our minds. Her piano ballads are such an escape! She delivers her vocals in a tear-jerking and emotional way from time to time. Her notes create something peaceful and harmonious and we just cannot get enough of it. We are so obsessed by Lola’s warm silky tones. She’s made for it!

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Hurt Us, Hurt Us Not!

Don’t even know who I’m in love with/But it’s hard to stand up to you/When you look so good in blue,” the London artist keeps blasting around with her incredibly comforting voice. It keeps running in our heads. Love is cool, but sometimes we feel a weird connection. Lola Young’s ‘Blue’ reflects on the heartbreaks and truth of past relationships. As in her previous track ‘Ruin My Make Up,’ she shows a certain vulnerability. Humanity is not perfect and we should find our strength with ourselves and the people who surround us. Love hurts, and while most of the time it’s pretty, we should balance what’s good and what’s not, to heal. Let’s sob to Lola’s nightly poetry and give some cute hugs to each other. Presave After Midnight EP here.

What do you think about ‘Blue’ so far? What do you wish to hear on the new After Midnight EP? Share your comments with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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