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‘Love Is Not Enough,’ But Ashe’s Music Always Will Be

‘Love Is Not Enough,’ But Ashe’s Music Always Will Be

Mere months after the release of the exceptional debut album Ashlyn, our queen Ashe has gifted us a music video for ‘Love Is Not Enough,’ and we are jumping with joy alongside her!

Premiered at an invitation-only event in LA’s Winston House on 5th August, the new music video arrived right after we had the opportunity to attend Ashe’s Lollapalooza after-show at Lincoln Hall, Chicago. We have already watched the video a couple hundred times, but you might as well try and break our record.

Ashe Breathes Mid-70s American Indie Cinema Back To Life!

We haven’t been able to get enough of her since the release of Ashlyn, and in loving response, Ashe gave us a cinematic look into the beautiful ‘Love Is Not Enough.’ The music video was filmed at the exquisite Million Dollar Theatre in LA, directed by Jason Lester and conceptualized by our queen herself. It follows Ashe through a make-up room, dimly-lit hallway, and an empty theatre, while she executes an elegantly choreographed dance sequence. Watch the music video below:

Isn’t it beautiful? The video is a powerhouse of emotions, style, grace, and vocals! We always loved Ashe singing, “You said you want a girl with a future, But everybody comes with a past,” but with a setting like this, it’s an ethereal experience altogether. The ‘Love Is Not Enough’ music video is a perfect balance of dreamy sensitivity and hard-won insight. Oh, and please can we talk about how Ashe absolutely rocks yellow? There are just so many things to love in this video, and we are almost losing count!

‘Love Is Not Enough’ is about the fact that ultimately, although love is so important and it’s the thing we dream most about, there’s so much more that goes into a successful relationship: respect, which is a huge one to me. It is really appreciating the other person. I think that when I was younger, and I fell in love, I thought that’s all you needed. And now I don’t think it’s all you need. I think there’s a lot more that goes into making love last.

Ashe on ‘Love Is Not Enough’

Between feeling emotional and happy, fangirling and brooding, we, here at THP, are loving Ashe in this music video! What are your thoughts on the visual treat that is ‘Love Is Not Enough?’ Tell us in the comments or hit us up on Twitter at @thehoneypop or on our Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Ashe (@ashemusic) via Twitter

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