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SUNMI Proves Once Again How Iconic She Is With ‘You can’t sit with us’

SUNMI Proves Once Again How Iconic She Is With ‘You can’t sit with us’

The queen herself, Sunmi, is back with not only the already iconic ‘You can’t sit with us’ but also with her 3rd mini-album, 1/6.

It hasn’t been long since Sunmi had a comeback. ‘Tails’ was iconic like everything she touches. However, it has been a long time since she had released a mini-album, and this one is a blessing

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sunmi you can't sit with us
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‘You can’t sit with us’

While sticking to her signature sound (also known as sunmipop), ‘You can’t it with us’ – and the entire album for that matter – feels so new and refreshing. This empowering retro song is one of Sunmi‘s most upbeat songs, and that alone sets it apart from her other title tracks. The verses feel very modern while the chorus feels more retro as it takes on that iconic phrase: “You can’t sit with us.” It is such a fun – almost bright – and addictive song. It has all the sass and the confidence one would expect from Sunmi, all while showcasing her very interesting and unique voice tone, making this empowering song that much better.

And you really don’t wanna miss out on the music video that literally shows the coolest zombie fight ever in between dance scenes. The storyline in this one is seriously so fun, and the outfits and aesthetic is gorgeous to the point that it almost feels satisfying. Sunmi has been great at putting her music into visual art, and this is no exception. It fits the retro vibe and upbeat energy of the song perfectly. The zombie concept has been done time and time again, yet the way she does it is so iconic and badass. Never thought in a million years we would get to see Sunmi fight zombies but we’re definitely here for it.


Sunmi has always had a very unique sound, and the b-sides in 1/6 are far from disappointing – they’re actually masterpieces. They show the best of her lyricism and artistry.

‘SUNNY’ is sonically the b-side that sounds more like ‘You can’t sit with us,’ and it could easily be a title track on its own. However, it is much brighter than the title track, giving off this feeling of being at the beach. If you look at the lyrics, you’ll notice the play on words between “Sunny” and “Sunmi” which makes the song all the more fun and witty.

The following track, ‘1/6,’ is one of the most interesting tracks in the album – especially lyrically. In this one, she explores the feeling of overthinking in a very special and unique way. Even though it might sound somewhat sad, it’s also quite hopeful and has this power of making you feel less alone. Just like ‘You can’t sit with us,’ Sunmi went with a break-up concept in ‘Call.’ With a nostalgic twist while staying upbeat, ‘Call’ is about being disappointed in a lover and wanting closure.

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While following with the same type of sound as the previous songs, ‘Narcissism’ is much darker both sound-wise and lyric-wise. The lyrics can be interpreted as a conversation with oneself about changing so much you don’t recognize yourself anymore. The poppy and emotional chorus and its build-up, make this song pop excellence. The song as a whole creates an atmosphere that only Sunmi could create.

The closing track is an extremely personal track that is also very different from every song in the mini-album. Actually, Sunmi first performed ‘Borderline’ in her 2019 tour, and the studio version of the song was later released on YouTube through a special video. In the song, Sunmi opens up about her feelings and experience with Borderline Personality Disorder and being in the industry. With its theme and the rock and vintage sound, this is by far one of her most outstanding songs, and we’re so glad that she shared it with the world.

Sunmi really came back with the best of the best with 1/6. She never ceases to blow us away with her unique sound and artistry. One can just feel how she poured her entire soul into this one and created an incredible mini-album. She keeps coming back more iconic than before and we absolutely love this queen behavior of hers.

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